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As part of a module for my course in university, I had to participate in various role-play genres. I was involved in a "zombie apocalypse" on the Facebook Anon Board. I then converted the role-play into a short story scene. The dialog spoken by the protagonist was written by myself, but credits to the other characters' dialog goes to my fellow role-players involved in this scene.

Submitted: July 29, 2010

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Submitted: July 29, 2010



I take a couple of knifes from the rack and wrap them in handkerchiefs. I look around the disastrous kitchen, and leave the empty house. I used to be law abiding, but lately I have had to resort to breaking into unwanted houses. I step out into the street, looking at my surroundings. Everything seemed to be broken and blood splattered. There was silence. I saw nothing moving, and I heard no life. However, that didn't necessarily mean I was alone.

I stick to the shadows, my hands close my the hidden knives. The lack of danger was nerve racking. I Hide behind a large garbage pail and wait, listening to the silence.

Suddenly, I heard a sound behind me. Creaking. I hadn't seen another human in days. I doubted it was a living soul. I turned around, and I was right. The gross appearance of a little girl was standing before me. Her blonde pigtails were splattered with mud. Blood dripped from her chin and her eyes rolled in their sockets. She reminded me of my sister. Forcing back tears, I reach for a stolen knife, and I rammed it into the side of her neck. Pulling it forward, I slit the young girl's throat, and she fell twitching to the floor. "I'm so sorry" I whisper, as I ram the knife into her chest. The girl convulsed, then lay still. I cleaned the knife on the little girl's dress, and I continued my walk, keeping to the shadows.

I continue my way down the deserted street, still alone. I jump at every tiny sound. Every creak. Everywhere I look, I see my sister's crying face, yet I keep my composure and alertness. Blinking back tears, I pick up a discarded lighter. I flip it open and watch the flames dance in front of my face, illuminating the silver Zippo engravement. I flick it shut and pocket it.

I hear another sound behind me, and I turn around, looking for the source of the noise, walking backwards. This was a mistake. With a crash, I trip over a fallen body and skid across the pavement. Despite the loud crash, I try my best not to swear and break the silence. I would rather not draw attention to myself. I look down at my leg and see a large gash. With all the hazardous, foreign blood around, I know it's best not to leave it harmed. I pull out a strip of bandage and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Wincing, I squeeze some onto my leg, and wrap the material around it. Making sure it's secure, I stand up again, and continue my journey.

I suddenly stop in my tracks. I hear voices ahead of me. I pull out a large knife, and sink back into the shadows, waiting.

The voices were unrecognizable. Gripping my knife more firmly, I took a couple of steps closer to the corner of the building I was crouching beside.

I walk into what appeared to be a deserted room. I raise my knife higher, peering through the darkness. It was hard to see more than a few feet ahead of me, but I dared not bring out my lighter, incase I attracted unwanted attention. I took a few steps forward, and in the darkness, I accidentally stumbled. I kicked up a few stones from the dusty floor, and they flew across the black room into darkness. I froze, waiting. Listening to the silence. I heard a stone roll away, then stop. I breathed a sigh of relief, and then suddenly, I felt a gush of wind knock me over as the stone exploded. I fell backwards, letting out a scream, then clasping my hands over my mouth, I looked around frantically.

I scramble backwards and press my back against the brick wall, breathing hard. I listened, waiting to hear the sounds of moaning or cracking bones.

A girl, slightly shorter than myself sprinted over to where I was. She was holding a large gun and it was pointed straight at my face. "Are you infected?" She hissed stepping to the side as to avoid another trap.

Instinctively, I put my knife up to the stranger's neck, glaring at her, but once she speaks, I lower it slightly. "No." I simple say, then wait for her to retreat before deciding to lower my weapon completely.

I heard a voice cry out, "Wait!" It sounded young and feminine, but panicky. "No, don't! She's human!"

Then another voice rang out. Stronger, and most definitely male. "Do you need a place to stay?" This didn't sound like a friendly offer, but more of a survival act. I could tell that he was worried I had blown his cover with my clumsiness.

When the defensive girl lowered her gun, I mimicked her actions with my knife. I began to look her up and down, inspecting my first human in days. Behind her, I caught sight of another girl, and a young man. The man seemed to be in charge as he ushered the second girl back. After he spoke, I surveyed him too, realizing that he was the one to offer me shelter. I pondered his words for a while before replying. "If you have food. I'm not staying. I'd rather survive."

The man nodded. "Follow my steps." and he retraced his path back to an abandoned house.

I obeyed with caution, following a short distance behind the man. He wasn't much older than myself.

The two girls followed behind and we reached an abandoned house. A third girl held open the front door. The man had the qualities of an Alpha. He was possibly the leader, or owner of this house.

Once we step inside the doorway, the man turns to me again. "I have food, but only if you come inside for the night." He explains, then turning his back to me again, he mutters, "You've already made enough noise."

I glare at him, my respect for the company dropping at his words. "Am I your prisoner now?" I ask coldly. This wasn't the most hospitable of people.

He shakes his head as he walks. "No, but I'm not risking my home."

"I will not make this my home" I reply, looking at my surroundings. "I have no home." I vowed to myself that I would not stay in one place too long. It was dangerous enough being in the company of others.

Nodding again, he speaks. "I'm not asking you to." He stares at me, as if to read my thoughts. "This is my post, and I'm staying here." He says, running his hands through his wind tossed hair.

"Thank you for your offer, and I shall be leaving in the morning" I say to the man. "I don't wish to become an inconvenience to you." I say this as coldly as he sounds. It was true, that I wished not to be in his way, but I was going to show no more kindness than he.

"Of course. I'll show you to your room." He says, locking the front door. I follow him up a flight of stairs, still keeping caution to my surroundings. I suppose it was kind of him to offer me a room, despite whatever ill intentions he may have.

"I'm Katie." The defensive young girl says. I look over to see that she's still carrying the gun that almost killed me.

"Tyler" replies the man, and I choose not to give my name. I wanted no personal relations with these people. I didn't need someone else to get attached to.

Tyler opened a wooden door and reviled a small room. In the corner was an old fireplace, but with no means of fire. A small camp bed lay against the adjacent wall, and a boarded window, covered in a thin sheet of metal rose above it. Beside the bed was a small desk with a picture in a neat frame. A girl smiled out of it and Tyler smiled back. He lit several candles placed around the room, and laid out some clean clothes on the bed. He returned to the doorway and spoke again. "There is a bathroom through that door." he said, pointing across the hall. "Is that all?"

I looked around the room, glancing quickly at the photograph. "I thank you. And my apologies for the disturbance." I say, turning back to him.

He nods and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

I set my bag down on the camp bed and turn to the photo. I didn't need any reminding of the world before. I lay the frame faced down on the table, and stare at the door.

After a moment or two of day dreaming, missing my younger sister, I search through the pile of clothes laid out on the bed and I find a small towel. Carrying the pile of fresh items to the bathroom, I listen to the sounds being made downstairs. I ignore the conversations I hear and place the clothes and towel on the floor. I close the door and walk towards the shower. I bring my knife out, pointing it ahead of me, and I whip the shower curtain away. It was empty. I stripped off my clothes and turned the tap. Not sure whether there was hot water or not, I just stepped under the stream, bringing my knife with me.

I blearily open one eye and see a stream of light peak through the boarded window. I didn't get much sleep last night, but for the time I was unconscious, all I would dream about was my little sister. Grabbing the knife from under my pillow, I strip off the soft clothes I was wearing that Tyler had handed to me last night. I walked into the bathroom, still rather cautiously, and took a shower.

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