This is how I fell about one of my exes. Funny thing is, this poem can to me while I was watching Aladin. I love that movie!!

You say you love me

But yet, you show no proof

You say you miss me

But how can I believe you

I loved you

You trusted me

I hurt you

You've broken me

I pushed you away

I was foolish


But scared of what?

We've loved

We've tusted

We've hurt

We've betrayed

We have done all

Love me

Trust me

Miss me

But how?

What is the price?

How do we know?

How do we know what to trust?

How do we know who to love?

We say we love one another

We say we trust one another

You and I were perfect

You and I were one

But now, we are two

We have our own world

But our worlds share the same sky

Our sky

Just two different destinies

Our love is strong

However, our desire stronger

All I can think about now

What is in my mind

Just... nothing except...

You and I

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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