A Monster Within The Circle

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Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



It wasn't often spoken but its always there lurking. Just like a friend of mine once showed me his true nature. It all came in a sudden. Screams erupted from my click of friends when we decided to sneak in to a rumored haunted building. Everyone was eager to meet our ghost. We didn't expect that it was a monster instead, our friend, smilling happily at the back of the group.
I heard popping sound amidst the chaotic screams but I didn't need to look back to know something was behind us. I didn't dare. My mind was everywhere but my body knew what I needed to do.I needed to run. I immediately made a sprint for it, along with my other two friends on my tail. We ran, that thing closing in on us with every corner of the house we turned. It wasn't long before we made a last turn to a dead end. The monster didn't have the time to react and crashed, adding onto it's injuries from the previous scuffle. There was a door at the end of the room and we hurriedly clutch the handle to open the door. 
It was locked. 
The monster was stirring behind us. 
We were trapped. 
I cursed again, turned around, and made a gamble. I took off pass the cringing monster, ignoring the inhuman howl behind me. I'm its target now. I burst my way into a room, its furnishings grand if not for the accumulation of dust and years of wear and tear. I heard banging from the closed door behind me, hisses and mumbled language that I couldn't comprehend. There was a king sized bed nearby and I made a dive under it, covering my mouth with my hands, afraid that that thing might hear me breathing. With a final and powerful thumb, the door that had barricade between my freedom and demise crashed down.
The monster had entered the room…

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