Her Sultry Touch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about submitting to the touch of a temptress.

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013



A hold over me

I can’t escape

Her light green eyes

Have me in a trance


Power surges through her

Flowing over me

Bewitched by her

I am under her spell


Firmly I stand

Not able to move

As she walks around me

Like if I were her prey


Her wavy hair

Dark as night

Flows around her

Almost as if it were alive


Her yellow eyes

Like a cat’s

Take a hold of me

And won’t let go of me


A witch

That’s what she is

She has a firm grip on me

I can’t escape


She’s like a fantasy

The type you read in books

Fictional creatures

She cant be real


Yet here she is

Black dress

Mesmerizing eyes

Almost like a vampire’s


Still she stalks me

Keeping me paralyzed

I can feel the fear

I’ve lost my control


She comes closer to me

Slowly. Sensually.

I appear to be lost

In her deep yellow eyes


My breath escapes

Slowly from my lips

As she comes to close

Touching my neck


She runs her hands

Slowly down my flesh

Goosebumps erupt

By fear or lust, I know not


Her nails

They graze my skin

As they glide down

Tasting my flesh


My breath comes out

Slowly and ragged

Her lips touch me

Soft and daring


Lips that are scolding hot

Burning me

Breaking me down

I lose control


Her lips leave my flesh

Freeing my pulse

Letting me calm

Yet giving me a sweet taste


Her pleasant touch

Sweet. Sultry

Her mesmerizing eyes

Burning with need


They run gently over me

Raising my pulse again

I want to break free

But I can’t


Intoxicated by her touches

Mesmerized by her gaze  

I can feel my energy leave

Resistance no longer exists


I’m falling slowly

Falling to my knees

Lost in her yellow eyes

She towers over me


She hovers above me

Smiling she leans towards me

Kissing me softly

She knows she’s won


Sultry. Sweat. Soft.

She has chained me

With her touch

Burning me from within


Temptress. Witch. Vampire.

It’s all the same to me

Her touch was enough

To break me apart


It’s her choice

Keep me. Kill me.

I want but can’t escape

Her sultry touch over me


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