The Dark Depths of Your Eyes: Desert

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The fourth part to The Dark Depths of Your Eyes: Snow

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




I can feel a pounding in my head

Again there is darkness

I can feel something sliding near me

Afraid I try to move


Opening my eyes

There’s a harsh sun staring at me

I begin to move

And that’s when I felt a sting


I look down at my arm

A snake has taken a bite

Again darkness begins to descend

A woman wearing a chestnut colored gown comes my way


I awake within a hut I think

A woman lies near me, staring

Brown curly hair runs down your thighs

Light brown eyes stare deep into mine


Confused as to where I am

I begin to speak at once

My throat however is dry

You hold a bowl for me to drink off


“Don’t worry” you say to me

But how can I not worry

As I look in your eyes

I can’t help but get lost


You get up and walk out

I think I’m supposed to follow

So I get up and follow

You stand in the middle of the desert


There’s nothing out here

Just the sun shining upon us

The air blowing gently against us

I can’t understand why you seem so normal


I walk closer to you

And you turn to give me a smile

Your eyes look deep into mine

And I ask you for the truth


“Many years have passed

Darkness began since the beginning

And now it has risen even more

Each and every day people fall deeper within


No soul goes on in life

Without a little darkness inside

It grew so big that time has run out

My sisters, you have seen, have fallen


It will be soon for me to go as well

I am able to feel the darkness

Roaming deep inside of me

My sisters were crushed


Soon I myself will die”

Unsure of what you meant I look up

But it was too late

The dark depths of your eyes stared back into mine 

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