The Dark Depths of Your Eyes: Sea

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The third part to The Dark Depths of Your eyes: snow

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



My eyes fly open

There’s a pressure in my chest

I believe it’s the need to breath

And without a thought I take a breath


Surprise is what I feel

I’ve not drowned

Even though water is all around

Could it all be a dream


No clue of where I am

I begin to wonder around

Enjoying the beauty of the sea

Have no other thought but to relax


But again I see another woman

Blonde, wearing a blue gown

Swimming without a thought

I begin too follow you


Again there’s no hint of where we go

A fear enters me

A game, that’s what ‘s happening

The eyes they are the key


I swim closer to you

No thought enters me

A confrontation is what I plan

Until a school of fish run into me


Gone just like that

You are gone

Where could you be

I turn and that’s when I see the shark


Without a thought I swim

A glimpse of blonde hair

I pursue you as it pursues e

Another game to deal with


I close my eyes and stop

Why continue with this game

I await my death

But again I feel a touch


Grabbing my hand

I open my eyes

You’re here looking at me

But this time there are no dark eyes


You hold a finger to my lips

And take a look around

We swim together into a cave

Deeper until we swim up onto the surface


I look around and find a beach

But it remains hidden

Rocks surround it like a secret

I follow you to the beach


You take a seat on the sand

And look out at the sea

Confused as to what to do

I take a seat to and look at the sea


I wait for your words

I can’t help but feel relaxed

The sea calm and beautiful

The sun warm as the air blows gently


I must have gotten lost

For I was startled when I felt your touch

I look up into your deep blue eyes

And you begin to tell me the truth


The others they’re close to you

Sisters I believe you said

Darkness has risen

Sweeping through their souls


You’ve fought for so long

But I still don’t understand

Why have I been witnessing it all

I look about at the sea searching


I know not what I look for

But as I look up at you

I see you struggle with something

I try you help but it’s too late


You become still in my arms

I look but I fee no pulse

Falling back I believe I’ve lost

No point to escape it all


I lay there wishing for normalcy

That’s when you begin to stir

And without a though I look up

Again I got caught in the dark depths of your eyes


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