Thoughts of a Teenage Immigrant

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How I see the immigration situation.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




You act like you’re perfect

 But you’re no better than me

  So why is it that when you hear

About those “aliens” coming, you freak


I really don’t understand

 Why there’s so much diversity in this country

  I try to see the best in everyone

But it’s hard knowing that they don’t want me


You know I carry this fear inside

 Every single day I pray for the best

  I don’t know much about my future

But everyday I hope my life remains the same


I feel so alone at times

 But when I look around

  I notice that I’m not alone

In fact there are so many out there just like me


We appear different to everyone else

 But even though we might be different

  There’s one thing that unites us all

And that one thing is called fear


Fear of losing any kind of chance we have

 Fear of losing an opportunity in life

  Fear of being separated from the ones you love

Fear of losing hope in life


Now this might not mean much to you

 But I’m just trying to tell you the truth

  If you notice now a days

There aren’t many “aliens” left in this place


Okay so maybe I went a little overboard

 But you have to notice that “aliens” are missing

  Oh wait, I must have forgotten to tell you

Aliens… well they’re actually people


Now back to what I was saying

 People are being separated from their loved ones

  And unless you see them go

No one’s really going to tell you that they’re gone


Babies, children, teenagers, wives, husbands, grandparents

 They’re all picked by the higher power

  And no I’m not talking about God

I’m talking about ICE


Now I might get in trouble for this

 But it’s hard being quiet for so long

  Seeing them make fun of us for no reason

It makes me want to hurt someone


But it’s not like I do that

 I go on in life fearing my time

  But when I do see a cop

Lets just say that silence overcomes us all


What can I say I carry fear deep in my heart

 And I don’t know if you believe this

  But I think that’s wrong

For a human being to fear who they are


Now this might not mean much

 But people are supposed to be living their lives

  I mean how would you feel

If you had to be careful all the time


I feel like a caged bird to be honest

 I should be out there living 

  Searching for a job and college

  But I can’t for fear of being caught


Now you might be wondering

 Why I can’t get a job or education

  You might even think I’m crazy for wanting that

But the truth is I would want nothing more but that


I’m an alien, immigrant whatever you want to call me

 But even though I’m all of these names

  And even though I have fear in my soul

I really wish I could be an American


But then again I’m thankful for me

 And I’m not trying to be mean or show disrespect

  But I think I’d be ashamed

If I judged someone else for whom they are


And what really makes me lose hope at times

 Is when I see an ethnicity that went through the same

  Through slavery, deaths, torture, racism, or criticism

And watch as they too laugh as we are sent away


It hurts when you say I have no right to be here

 When in fact some of this land was ours

  It hurts when there is a common thing

And instead of helping, you sit and judge


As if you were God

 As if you are any different from me

  As if you are perfection

As if you are more important than me


Now I don’t mean that everyone is this way

 I know there is good out there

  And I know that good exists

Because I have good people around me everyday


It’s because of them

 That even though I fear losing hope

  I hold on because even though they are a small amount

His or her kindness will rub on someone else


No longer will I feel fear in the future

 No longer will I be an alien

  The biggest things begin small

And if there is a little good then there is hope


And hopefully someday families will remain together

 Children will not shed tears

  As they see their parents in sorrow

And teenagers can grow and be the better future












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