This Poem is about wishing for your ex. (By the way I just wrote this for no apparent reason.)


It’s dark outside

It’s cold

It’s foggy

It’s peaceful…

I know that I sound crazy

But I really wish I were with you

Walking under the moon

In this cold and foggy weather

I wish that I could hold your hand

That we could walk together

Cuddling against each other

Against the coldness of the night

But that’s all it is

A simple wish…

No matter how much I wish

I know that you won’t be here

You’re gone

You aren’t coming back

I know this

So why do I keep wishing

Why do I keep hurting myself?

Why keep wishing for your return

When I know…

I know you have forgotten me

I know that you have moved on

So tell me why

I keep wishing for your return



Submitted: February 03, 2013

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