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Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012




P- Pittman traveled for a long time to get to Ohio.

E- Every time anyone told Jane she couldn't make it to Ohio she kept going.

R- Reaoning with people is one of the things Jane was good at.

S- Sometimes Jane would stay at places for a short period of time then leave with Ned to continue on to Ohio.

E- Every day Jane thought she was getting closer to Ohio but she was still in Luzana.

V- Very persistan Jane was in acomplishing her goal in going to Ohio.

E- Every day counted with Jane.

R- Relying on the wilderness and people they didn't know to get food and water.

A- Alot of people were suprised when Jane said she was going to Ohio with Ned, they thought Ned wouldn't make it.

N- Never did Jane give up while traveling to Ohio with Ned.

C- Couldn't have kids, Jane was barren and worried the Joe wouldn't want her anymore.

E-ven when Albert Cluveau killed her boy Jane still didn't want to kill him by her own hand.

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