Daylight Stargazers

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.... yeah there is going to be alot of mistakes so yeah sorry about that... hope its not too much of an issue. And also this is only the beginning of the story D: too lazy \\(^w^=/)~ tee hee

Submitted: August 31, 2013

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Submitted: August 31, 2013



Daylight stargazers~

I breathe in the dusty sunset caressing my eyes, as it took me backward on to the dry grass. A burnt orange on its tips. The short blades only reach a quarter up the sides of my face, pulling and pushing themselves from my heavy skin. Lightly, I gape my eyes, feeling the breeze move the ground with me. The sky was cluttered with still, embedded sewn ribbons of crimson pierced into the now purple from the bleeding red . Unavoidable sleepy cherry colour still seeped from my cowering folds that had now covered my eyes.  The soil that I lay on was now in swirls of motion sliding past the gasps of time. For I am the one who is in vivid motion yet when I look around I am the only thing that is still. I am as weakly frozen as ice kept in my place with sharp crystals japing and poking my moulding body into an appropriate form deemed natural by law, until I am finally broken down outside to in, by the un balanced heat around me, melting me into a concept of reality. A neutral chill settled to my scratchy blank body, a disappointing finally I inhaled. Again I let my Eyelids brush down with my last flicker of circling autumn pink blades and I fell. I felt myself fall back further than the blank of my mind and exceeding the crackles of the light roasted soil. All is lost in the fadedness of dark and all is remembered in the downstream shades of pale dragging me down the transparent fall of day. For I wish to be the blinding shadow of a empty picture.

~~Deadlines and durability. chap numero .2 :D ~~

I shuffled the tips of my fingers down the plastic blinds. Awkwardly flipping the disgusting white shadows of light as I flailed my fingers between the rattling sheets. Lightly whipping the two segments from eye level apart, I cringed. This disgruntled expression felt forced, but I could not smooth off the overlapping wrinkles cornering my eyes. Resulting with a unnatural thin curved bar of sight. I blinked. I awoke my eyes to a bleached green outlined with an illumination string of ochre yellow. A frantic shifting of my eyelid brought back the original landscape. My eyes had now seemed to of corrected the decolorized scene to the dark rich colours of a child’s colouring book. A out of tune hummed like sigh was released from my drooping bottom lip. I noticed a bright recognition radiate from my shoulder, my subconscious had brought a reliving repositioning of my arms. an unsettling pulse of tension in my shoulders, I pivoted my arms back further in tiny spurts. The sound of the slickly cheap blinds flapping against each other, repeating in a spiralling tone with each flap running loader and lower. This only began to hear the sound of the blinds as I let the stressed catapult weakly tensed from a held contact from my thumb and index propel against itself, as I turned my arms down just below half way of being held vertically, gradually allowing my hands to fall and stretch out across the wooden shelf . I drag back my hands with my entire back, keeping them in the same placement as they were on the shelf I lean forward. The base of my palm rolled into the comfortable curved edge of the shelf, I gleamed with my mouth pressed closed. A shine of distorted light dribbled across my lips as I tilted my whole body in up to the shelf. My chin was lowered between my two splayed out hands. A river of cold sparks washed upward to my face, my fingernails felt out of place and dead in comparison to my exposed flesh, as they plastically numbed in apreshiation as chill passing over.  Cheap windows. My tightly packed elbows shot in to a vibrant burst of motion, driving me down to a conveniently turned chair. I waited for my violent draw backwards onto the chair to stop it’s dancing twirls with an open undignified grin and ridged stance of limbs .The arms and legs moved in small clockwise tracings of a bulging triangle, movements split by a unsynchronised flowing of wings.

“How exciting”


I turn. The tasteless humid beige covering three of the four white walls, it’s appeal was based off its wrinkled chalky scratches for a texture. Uncomfortable to look at, unnerving to consider running my pushed back hand across its glaze of shivered hue. Slabs of rich zest scraped its shine less colour in bands bringing out an tasteless shadow pressed up in to the groves of the wall. A blank reflection of my featureless body growing lighter as it extends just up to my shoulder height, a deep black seeping from my forward facing feet my shadow was pressed down further with the bolts of orange escaping from the tension fixed blinds, becoming a murky ill grey skin colour .

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