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Hey, I recieved a comment saying that my characters are kind of confusing. So I decided to put this up.

Under the REAL, are of course, the things and stuff that are REAL about the REAL Andrea, Charles, Daniel, Andrew, etc.

And of course the NOT REAL, will be stated under the NOT REAL. =)

Oh, and some of the things are still hidden. =) I won't tell you guys if it's real or not, mostly not. =);) Just to hide their identity.

Submitted: November 05, 2010

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Submitted: November 05, 2010



Character Details:

\"\"  [So, Andy's picture was supposed to be the picture of the novel, but I couldn't find it. So, here's a new one.]

Andrea Smith.
Light Brown Hair--soft waves.
Hazel Green Eyes.
She's the best friend of Charice, Dani and Sam.
Head Over Heels for the love of her life, Andrew Gellido, which is sadly NOT her boyfriend.

She's a bitch at times. Scratch that, she's always a bitch. She's mean. =) ;) But! She's energetic, funny, caring and friendly. When someone messes with her friends (or crushes and likes) she's goes all out and... well, teaches them a lesson, =) She's also like a cliche type of Disney girly-girls. Totally has a make-up kit, a collection of bags and purses, and she has over 100 nail polish. And yes. That's the real number. She also has her top ten CRUSHES. And she also had tons of boyfriends. Yep, she's THAT kind of girl. And noooo not a slut. She does not sleep with them. She just likes LOTS of people.



\"\"[Is he okay? Or what? Please put suggestions on the comments section so I can look 'em up and change this pic if I like it.]

Andrew Gellido.
Mahogany Brown Hair.
Brown Eyes. 
He's the 'eye candy' or the 'love of Andy's life'.
He's the basketball stud and his jersey number is '13'.

He's really not a basketball player. But does play a sport that includes a ball and his jersey number is still 13. I really don't know him that well, but I know enough to make this character. He's fun, funny, caring, etc. He doesn't have a girlfriend in the story but in real life he has a relationship. So, that makes a very 'ouch' on the real Andy. He's really helpful and loves to help Andy out.

\"\" [Too... Much?]

Daniel Montgomery.
Black hair.
Green eyes.
He's the singing dude in Andy's life.
Undeniably liking (loving!) Andrea since the first time he met her.

Yes. He can sing. And yes, (I think) he liked the real Andy (in other words, fell in love) ever since they first met. He's weirdly friendly and kind. He's always smiling. And yes, he knows the real Andrew. =O ;)

\"\" [I ran out of options!!! Sorry! But this is close enough to what I had in mind.]

Charles Robinson.
Blonde Hair.
Blue Eyes.
He's the newbie in Andy's life.
Tough on the outside but what about on the inside?

He's really a new newbie. He just transferred at Andy's school this year and not last. He can be annoying and irritating at times, but he can also be a softie if you know what spot to hit. He can be a douche and he can be a best friend. He's also kind of unsure. Unsure of what? Find out in the novel. ;)

\"\" [I wanted her to look slightly bitchy or something...]

Dani Verdin.
Brown Curly Hair.
Brown Eyes.
The best friend of Andy, Charice, and Sam.
A rocky relationship with her hunk, Eric?

She has a boyfriend which is really Eric. =) She's sometimes a bitch and sometimes a total softie like Charles. She's kind of everything there is to be in the 'nearly-slut' cliche kind of girl. She had A LOT of boyfriends before Eric that she used and such.

\"\" [I just looooove the eyes! Her eyes are like... beautiful!]

Charice Hills.
Brown Hair.
Hazel Green Eyes.
Bestie's of Andy, Dani, and Sam.
In a lovey-dovey relationship with Ray.

She's an absolute doll. She's too modest and she always denies that fact that she's sooo good in dancing. Her voice is so soft that we can't get tired of it. There's not a thing about her that we hate.

\"\"\"\"  [Is she too old???]\"\"[posted up this picture of a purple eye because as you can see, Zooey doesn't have purple eyes. This can be your visual.]

Samuel Bronte.
Brown Untamed Hair.
Unnotices Purple Eyes.
Bessie's of Andy, Charice, and Dani.
An all-too-good bookworm with no belief in REAL love, that it only happens in books and movies.

She. Is. A. Bookworm. To the bones. Whenever she goes somewhere, she has to have a book with her. She doesn't in fact, believe in Real Love. Yes, she doesn't believe in REAL love. Yet, she's a hopeless romantic. How Ironic of her.

\"\" [Tee hee... Yes, I found her at Big Time Rush...]

Jessica Smith.
Light Brown Hair.
Brown Eyes.
Andy's little sister.
As Andy thinks: 'my mini me!'

She's really not that old yet. She's like... Kindergarten. =)


I'll post the others as soon as I have the time. =) It's already 12:20 in the midnight here. So, I gotta hit the sack. =)

I hope the pictures doesn't look too old or something. >.< But if it is, can you put up suggestions to sites where I might be able to see other pictures of the characters that you want to look like. I might change them from time to time. Sorry for the crappy pics (if they are), I'm just sooo tired. I have tons of schoolwork. Hope you can forgive me!!!

P.S. Yeah, I watch Big Time Rush, so what??? 

Thanks for viewing!!!!

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