I Wish I Never Existed

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My years got wasted by one event. Hoping not to ruin any more years and other lives, I wish I never existed.

Submitted: August 16, 2011

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Submitted: August 16, 2011



I Wish I Never Existed

20 years of existence, wasted.(including years of hardship, sacrifices and excruciating experiences in Highschool and Post-secondary Education)

and the coming years, the future, will sure be the same; will be wasted.

all wasted and will be, because of what: THESIS. and the butterfly effect kicks in.

Full of unfortunate events came in. Non stop.


I wish I never existed

so even when I'm gone

no one will get affected

no one will be happy about it

no one will be sad about it

no one will be devastated about it

most especially no future, My Baby's, will be ruined because of me.

My Baby, now of two years of age is the perfect kid one will ever have, no exaggeration.

By this fact, he is too good for us, for me and my other half.

An angel doesn't deserve parents like us.

An angel doesn't deserve to have me

He deserve so much more and I'm not fit to be

This night, my angle keot saying "Sorry"

But I should be the one saying "Sorry" to my little Angel

Begging to forgive me for being his parent

Other my angel, I have so many more people around me to be thankful to God for

so many stuff surround me that I'm thankful to God for

but I don't deserve any of them

because I'm full of misery

I HATE MYSELF. My miseries, it's all my fault.

I wish I never existed

I wish I'll be gone, BUT

only my soul my earth-body will remain, alive with my family. How?

Replaced by a new soul, A MUCH BETTER SOUL than mine is.

New soul, same body, same family, same background, same past memories, etc.

No one will ever know that the previous me is gone

like nothing happend,

"I" just changed to a better person.

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