Blue Roses

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When we lose those we love and hold dear, they always manage to find a way to let us know they still love us.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



Blue Roses

Jessica waited patiently for the doctor to come in and talk with her. She held her six month old son on her lap as she stared at the clock. An hour ago, her doctor had called and asked her to come in. He got her test results and they didn’t look right. and exhausted lately. As the clock struck two, the doctor entered and sat down. He went on to tell her that she would need to make arrangements for her son before she was too weak to do so. face, Jessica nodded and stood up to go. She held her son closer and promised to keep in touch with the doctor. She drove straight to her sister’s house and knocked on the door. They sat down at the kitchen table and Jessica told her sister everything the doctor had said.

After hooking baby Donovan into his seat, Jessica drove to his office and waited for him to come in and speak to her. She had been feeling run down

Giving Jessica a grave look, he showed her the results. After being in remission for two years, her cancer had come back full force and no amount of treatment could help her now.

With silent tears rolling down her

Alexandra opened it, taking her nephew from her sister’s trembling arms.

Alexandra put an arm around her sister and said,"No matter what happens, I am here for you. I also promise to take care of Donovan for you. You two are the only family I have."

Jessica sobbed and hugged her sister back, wishing that things could be different. I wish I had more time, Jessica thought. During the next two weeks, Jessica packed up their stuff and moved out of their apartment. She moved into her sister’s home so her son and her sister could get used to each other.

As the weeks went by, Alexandra noticed how weak her sister was getting and did her best to make her more comfortable. After Donovan was asleep, the two sisters would stay up and talk about stuff.

As promised, Jessica kept in touch with her doctor and let him know how she was doing. He made regular house calls to check on her. He also prescribed pain medication so she wouldn’t have any pain towards the end.

Alexandra had signed the papers to adopt Donovan and Jessica signed as well, agreeing to the deal. When the day came, Jessica had enough life in her to give her son a kiss and whisper I love you to him and her sister.

As the sun came up and the light poured in into the room, Jessica closed her eyes and passed away. Alexandra cried softly and held onto baby Donovan. She leaned over and gave her sister one last goodbye kiss then called the doctor.

He came as quickly as he could, hoping he could try and save her but he was already too late. Jessica’s suffering had come to a peaceful end. Alexandra dressed her sister and mad sure that she had the most beautiful funeral. The only flowers that were present at the funeral were pale blue roses.

They were Jessica’s favorite kind of flower and Alexandra honored her sister by having them. When Donovan turned a year old, Aunty Alex took him with her to the cemetery.

Sitting down by Jessica’s headstone, Alexandra told Donovan a story about a princess who had a handsome son. She said the son got to live with his aunt while the princess went to a magnificent garden called Heaven.

Donovan stared at his aunt, then turned away and let out a belly laugh. Alexandra watched as a glow surrounded him, bathing him in its mystical light.

She went over to him and kneeled down, looking at the glowing light. Out of the brightness, Jessica appeared and smiled at her son and her sister. Alexandra immediately started to cry as she looked at her sister.

Jessica bent down and wiped her sister’s tears away. "Don’t be sad anymore, Alex. I am happy now. I get to watch over my son and see how good you take care of him. I am so glad I had you adopt him. I know he will be raised properly. I love you both dearly and I will be watching over you two from Heaven," Jessica said as she turned to go.

Alexandra waved goodbye and Donovan smiled at his mother. "Bye bye mommy," he said quietly. Jessica looked back, smiling happily. "Bye bye baby. Mommy shall always love you," she replied. Disappearing from sight, the glow slowly vanished. Alexandra was content now and so was her nephew.

Looking down, she noticed a single rose lay at her feet. It was a pale blue and Alexandra knew it was a farewell gift from her sister. Taking Donovan by the hand, they walked out of the cemetery and headed home.

The End

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