Broken and Betrayed

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When you love someone and they betray you, your world is turned upside down.

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



Broken and Betrayed


  He sat on the bench, one foot underneath and the other foot out in front of him. He glared jealously as a couple strolled lazily by him, his eyes blazing with jealousy and loathing. All he could think about was the lonely grave in Willows Grove Cemetary. Standing up, he slowly stretched and started the 6 mile trek back to his empty house, his head hung low as he thought about the night his life collapsed to pieces.

  He looked up as the doctor walked into the waiting room, a defeated look upon his face. Before the doctor could say anything to him, he shook his head and fell to his knees in despair. " She's... gone? " he whispers, sobs racking his thin form. The doctor helped him to his feet adn said quietly, " I'm sorry, Mr. Abrams. We tried everything medically possible to keep her alive but she wasn't strong enough to survive the birthing process. "

  He stared at the doctor, pain reflecting brightly in his sea blue watery eyes. " Is the baby all right? " The doctor nodded quickly and replied, " Mr. Abrams, your son and daughter are both fine and healthy, albeit a little small due to being almost 3 months early. " He had a set of twins. He couldn't believe it as the words flowed through his cloudy mind. He thought she only had 1 in her belly even though she smiled and told him she was sure there were 2. Then she got sick and his world started falling apart after she was admitted to the hospital.

  He pulls himself from the past as he reached the shady driveway leading to his home. Sighing, he unlocked the front door and stepped into the small foyer, kicking off his shoes as he entered. As of a few days ago, the memories grew stronger in his mind. Thinking back, he let them flow as he curled up into a tight ball on his vintage leather couch in the den.

  He held both children in his arms while they slept peacefully, the nurse on duty sifting through their charts. She furrowed her neat eyebrows in confusion and turned toward him. "  Mr. Abrams, I'm not sure how to tell you this so I'll say it as best as I can. According to Sofia and Jeremy's charts, you have a different type of blood. They are not biologically your children. I'm sorry, " she said softly. He held them close to his chest and asked woodenly, " They have to be my children. There must be a big mix up in your lab. You can draw more blood and do another dna test. " The nurse shook her head sadly, understanding how he was feeling.

  " There's no mistake, Mr. Abrams. They did the test 4 times and each time it was the same result. I know how you must be feeling right now and I wish I could ease your pain, " she said slowly. It dawned on him that his wife's last words to him were ' I'm sorry about what I did, Jack. I hope you can forgive me for it. " He looked down at Sofia and Jeremy, tears filling his eyes as he tried to understand his wife's unfaithfulness.  Whatever she wanted to have he had very nearly given to her and he thought that he kept her very satisfied. Finding out that she'd been unfaithful and that the two little babies sleeping peacefully in his arms weren't his tore him apart inside. In less than 24 hours, everything he knew and loved collapsed into tiny pieces.

  He sat up cursing, trying as hard as he could to shake the memories away. Climbing off the couch, he walked out to the kitched and poured himself a drink. After his wife died and he learned that the kids weren't his, Jack found out that one of his closest friends was the father of Sofia and Jeremy. His friend's ultimate betrayal severed their friendship completely and though he tried to keep the children, a court had ordered they go home and be raised by their natural father.

  For six long and lonely months, Jack would roam his house and drink himself to sleep every night. The day the children were officially six months old, Jack walked unsteadily up the stairs to his bedroom and took out his handgun. Leaving a note stating that his life was broken and he couldn't take it, Jack placed the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. His body now rests beside his unfaithful wife.

The End


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