Creature in the Closet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
When your children tell you something is in their closet, you should listen to them.

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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Submitted: July 26, 2010



The Creature in the closet

"Welcome to our new home and new life," Sarah Scott to her three children. They sat in the backseat, brooding because they had to leave their old friends behind. The oldest was almost fifteen years old and was the spitting image of her mother. She had golden brown hair and green - gold eyes. Her younger brother was nine years old with black hair and piercing green eyes. The youngest was only three years old. She sat quietly in her seat, playing with a stuffed dog. Her curly blond hair and golden eyes made her look like a cherub angel. No matter how mad and upset you were, she could make you grin with her adorable little smile and kittenish smile.

Parking the car, they got out and stared at the huge broken down manor. Their mother opened the back door and took Savannah out of her sear. Jackson and Nicolette stepped onto the porch and entered after their mother unlocked the door and pushed it open. Looking around, they saw everything covered in dust and spider webs hung in the corners.

"You expect us to live here with dust and who knows what creeping around in here? There might be spiders and wild creatures living in here, mom," Nicolette complained. Jackson shook his head and went upstairs to pick out a room. Savannah walked around the living room and dining room, her eyes wide as she took it all in. Her mother was in and out of the house, carrying boxes and cartons inside.

Nicolette picked her little sister up and headed upstairs to choose their rooms. Finding two with an adjoining door, Nicolette decided her and Savannah would have them. This way, she could keep an eye on her at night. The children headed back downstairs to help their mother out. It took almost four hours to unpack and get their bedrooms as they wanted them to be. They ate dinner and headed to their rooms to spend their first night in the new house. Early the next morning, Jackson woke his big sister up by dumping a cup of cold water on her as she slept. "Jackson, you're a little creep!" Nicolette screamed. Laughing as hard as he could, Jackson dove out of the room and down the stairs.

When his mother heard what he had done, she said in a controlled tone,"Jackson, first you will go up to Nicolette's room and apologize. Then you can go to your room. You are grounded for a week." Jackson stomped upstairs and past Savannah. He pushed open Nicolette's door and grumbled,"I'm sorry I dumped water on you." Nicolette nodded as her little brother walked out and headed to his room.

Savannah came into the room and smiled at her sister. "Nicki, you are wet," she said, staring at her. Nicolette laughed and picked Savannah up into her arms, holding her close. "Yeah, I am, Savannah. Jackson threw water on me earlier." Savannah laughed and wiggled out of her sister's arms.

Nicolette changed into dry clothes and sat down in the butterfly chair she kept by the tallest window. Hearing her mother yelling at someone on the phone, she used a remote to turn on her stereo. Jackson walked in without bothering to knock, Savannah following him. As they listened to music, Jackson spoke up," sis, who is mom yelling at this time?"Shaking her head, Nicolette replied,"I don't know Jack. Stay here with Savannah and I'll go find out." She walked out of the room and down the stairs.

Locating her mother in the living room, Nicolette asks quietly,"Mom, who were you yelling at on the phone? Jackson and Savannah got scared by it." Her mother looked up quickly at her eldest daughter. "I really am sorry I scared you three. I was fighting with the plumber. He refuses to come out here and check the pipes. Everyone I've talked to said the same damn thing, Nicolette. They sat the woods and house are haunted."

Nicolette laughed at that. "There's no such thing as ghosts, mom. They're all just too lazy to come up here." Her mother laughed and agreed with her daughter. She called her two youngest down from their sister's room.

While their mother busied herself in the kitchen, the kids headed outside. Keeping a close eye on their baby sister, Nicolette and Jackson stared out at the woods. "I wonder what lurks in the woods. Maybe there are ghosts and zombies wandering through the trees," Jackson said. Nicolette shook her head at her brother. "You're imagining things, Jack."

As the sun started to set, they headed into the house, unaware that things in the woods started to wake up. After dinner was over, Savannah was put to bed. Nicolette and Jackson stayed up to watch a move while their mom went to bed. Jackson kept stifling yawns as he watched the movie.

As the credits started to roll, Nicolette slowly opened her eyes. She felt as though someone was watching her. Turning toward the windows, she bumped into Jackson who came awake instantly. "Huh? What's wrong, Nicolette?" he asks, staring at her in surprise. She shook her head and replied,"Nothing is wrong, Jack. Let's go to bed." They headed to their rooms and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows. Sometime in the night, Savannah woke up and screamed as loud as she could.

"Mommy! Help me, mommy!" Savannah screamed, huddling in the corner of her little toddler bed. Her mother rushed in and picked her up, feeling her youngest tremble in fear. Her mom asked quietly," Savannah, what happened sweetie? What scared you?" Sniffling, Savannah pointed to her closet. "He's in there, mommy. He was going to get me," she wailed. Nicolette and Jackson stood in the doorway, staring in confusion. "What's going on, mom? Did someone try to get in?" Nicolette asked.

Her mother shook her head and walked over to the closet. Savannah screamed and climbed down, running over to her older sister and hiding behind her. All three children watched as their mother opened the closet door. Finding nothing inside but clothes, she closed it and turned to her children.

"There's no one and nothing hiding inside. Now, all three of you need to get back to bed," their mother said. Savannah kept shaking her head as her mother tucked her into bed. "He was there, mommy. He ran into the closet when I screamed," she said as she stared at her mother. Nicolette and Jackson walked out and went to their rooms as their mom tried to reassure their baby sister.

Later that night, Savannah again screamed for her mother. Sarah shook her head and checked the closet again. Having a feeling that her baby would wake her up a third time, she let her sleep with her the rest of the night. The next morning, Sarah went downstairs while her oldest daughter took Savannah into her room for clothes.

"Who did you see last night, Savannah," Nicolette asked as she put play clothes on her baby sister. "I saw a scary man, Nicki. He was going to get me when I screamed," Savannah said. Nicolette shook her head and took her sister's hand. They walked down the stairs to the kitchen and had breakfast together.

After eating, Sarah let her youngest daughter help with the kitchen chores as Nicolette went in search of her brother. She found him on his bed, staring at his closet and rocking. "Jackson? What are you doing that for?" she questioned. Keeping silent, her brother pointed to his closet. She walked over and opened the door. Her breath caught as she saw a man staring at her, his eyes red and his face marked with scars. Slamming the door shut quickly, she screamed as loud as she could. Sarah her the scream and ran up the stairs with Savannah in her arms.

"Nicolette, what on earth is going on?" Sarah exclaimed, her eyes wide. Nicolette turned and shrieked," Mom! He's in the closet!" Sarah set Savannah down and stared in surprise. This wasn't like her children at all. "I don't think this is funny kids. If you three are playing a prank, I'm not falling for it at all," Sarah said. Jackson said shakily,"Mom, we're not playing any prank. There really is someone in there. We all saw him."

Sarah strode over to the closet and looked inside carefully. She found nothing lurking inside and shut it. "Nothing is there. I don't know what's wrong with you kids, but whatever's going on has to stop," Sarah said angrily. She walked out and left them huddled together on the bed.

The kids looked at each other carefully. They saw the scarred man at different time and thought he was real. Right then and there, they vowed to sleep with the lights on at night and chairs would block the closet doors. Savannah and Jackson stayed close to Nicolette the rest of the day, doing their best to keep quiet and out of their mom's way. They didn't want to make her mad at them again.

Right after dinner, the kids helped with cleaning the kitchen and then went to their rooms. Sarah stood at the bottom of the stairs, listening as her children got ready for bed. Nicolette put Savannah to bed first, then went in to check on Jackson. She went to her room and left her bedroom door open just like her siblings did. After she laid her head on her pillow, she kept her eyes fastened on her closet.

A few minutes before midnight, Savannah sat up in her bed and screamed like a banshee. Her mother ran into the room and searched for her little girl. Sarah started to panic when she saw the closet door open. Nicolette and Jackson rushed in and helped to look for their baby sister but they couldn't find her. "Oh, God, he got her mom," Nicolette whispered. Sarah turned sharply and growled," Don't start that again, young lady. Right now, your baby sister is missing."

They searched the house and grounds in vain. Savannah had vanished from sight completely. After dealing with the police and filing a missing persons report, Jackson and Nicolette sat with their mother in the living room. "You two should get some rest. There's nothing else we can do right now," Sarah croaked. Nicolette and Jackson nodded and went to their rooms.

Two hours later, Jackson yelled for his sister. "Nicki! He's here again!" Nicolette met Sarah outside Jackson's room and ran in. The closet door was wide open and Jackson was nowhere in the room. "What happened to my children?" Sarah cried out. With tears in her eyes, Nicolette held her mother in her arms.

They slumped to the floor and fell asleep, holding onto each other tightly. As the sun started to set, Sarah stirred when she felt the room get cold. She slowly opened her eyes as Nicolette struggled to break free from someone. "No! Let me go, you creep!" Nicolette screamed. Sarah grabbed her daughter's ankle as a scarred man dragged them both toward the open closet.

"You let my daughter go now!" Sarah yelled. As she held her daughter, the scarred man turned to glare at her. Sarah gasped as she saw the glowing red eyes staring at her. The ghoul pulled Nicolette into the closet as she screamed and kicked to break free. The door slammed shut and Sarah wrenched it open a minute later. She tore it apart but couldn't locate Nicolette.

Shaking uncontrollably, Sarah crawled out of the room and called the police. When they arrived, they found Sarah sitting on the floor and rocking back and forth. She kept muttering the same thing over and over. "The scarred man took my babies. He took my babies away from me." The police took Sarah to the hospital where she was placed in the psychiatric ward. The house was boarded up and no one ever moved in after Sarah was taken away. Nicolette, Jackson, and Savannah were never found. The scarred man roams the house and the woods surrounding it, waiting for more victims to devour.

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