Her last adventure

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thrill seeking is fun except when it ends in tragedy.

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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Submitted: July 26, 2010



Her Last Adventure

She thought that nothing could go wrong in her life. She loved adventure and enjoyed exciting and dangerous assignments. Whenever she got a call, Kali Walker would grab her equipment and go off to do her job. While sitting at home with her brother Gage, Kali liked to sit and write song.

One warm spring day, Kali was chilling up in her room when someone called the house looking for her to give her a new assignment. Gage answers the phone and listens, then shouts for Kali. "Hey Kali! You need to come down here and take this call. You got a new assignment!" he shouted. Kali opened her door and ran down the stairs, snatching the phone from her brother's hand. "Hello? Who is this?" she asks curiously.

"Let's not talk about me right now, Kali. I got your number from an associate of mine. I need you to go to a place and keep hidden from sight, but at the same time I need you to pay attention to what is going on there. Take your camera with you and call the number on your phone to report back what you find out," the voice on the other end replied.

Kali replied,"I will take your assignment and report back as soon as I can." The caller thanked her and hung up. Setting the phone down in its proper place, Kali grins and looks at her brother. "I know that look, Kali. You have a new and dangerous assignment," Gage said as he sat down on the stairs.

She nods and says,"I do, Gage. This one is more complex than the others and it also earns more money." Gage shook his head as his sister ran up the stairs to pack everything she needed for her new assignment. He felt that one of these times she wouldn't come home from her job.

It took Kali almost an hour to pack, organize, and tell her brother goodbye. "I will be back before you know it, Gage. Now stop giving me that look and go inside. Love you bro," Kali said as she climbed into her jeep. "I love you too sis. I'll see you when you get back here," Gage said, heading into the house.

Kali drove to the location her employer gave her and parked down the road. Walking back with a bag containing her camera and a gun, she hid herself from sight and waited for something to go on. The sun started to set as she stayed where she was. A noise echoed and she looked up quickly as a car pulled up behind a truck. This is it, she thought to herself as she grabbed her camera.

Positioning it just right, Kali took pictured of the men's faces as they worked ..ing the truck. Click, click, click went her camera as she focused on the crates and boxes being carried into the immense warehouse.

After all of the boxes, crates, and people went inside the warehouse, Kali climbed out of her hiding place and crept cautiously toward the building to get a closer look. Peeking through an open window, she made sure no one was around before climbing inside.

Kali took pictures of everything around her as she wandered through the building. Coming upon a door that was partially closed, she approached it cautiously and looked inside. All of the men who unloaded the truck were inside, leaning around a table that had stacks of money scattered all over it.

She snapped photos of her discovery and backed away as two of the men headed to the doorway. Kali knew quite well that if she didn't find a place to hide swiftly, they would catch her and she wouldn't see the light of day ever again if they did so.

Crouching down, she started to make her way down the hall. Keeping as low as possible, Kali tried to blend with the shadows and keep out of sight. She was almost to the window when she heard someone shout. "Hey you! Stop right there!" She turned as she saw the two men rushing toward her and dove to the window.

As she was pulling herself up and out, gunshots rang out and she felt a stabbing pain in her side. A hand shot out and snaked around her ankle, trying to pull her back into the warehouse. Using her other leg, she kicked back and caught the one holding onto her square in his jaw, forcing him to relinquish his grip on her ankle.

Kali made her way out and ran all the way to her car. Locking her doors, she started it and drove to the hospital. After getting her wounds cleaned and bandaged, she called her employer and told him all that she found out and promised to get the pictures developed as soon as she was able.

When she arrived at her house, Gage came running out and straight to her. "Kali! What happened to you? I was worried sick about you," he said anxiously. She ushered him into the house and told him all of it. When she was done, he was pale.

"You should have called me, sis. I would have come to the hospital to be with you," he said, staring at her. "You mean you would have nagged me and the doctors incessantly," she retorted. Gage grinned sheepishly as Kali headed down to her dark room in the basement to develop the pictures she took while doing her job.

After they were developed, she placed them in an envelope and called her employer. They agreed to meet somewhere close by the next day. Gage was already asleep in his room when Kali finished everything that she had to do. She headed to her room and into her bed, falling fast asleep until her brother made noise the next morning, announcing that it was almost noon and she had to get ready to go.

After getting dressed. she trudged down the stairs and graciously accepted the steaming cup of coffee that Gage handed to her. "I will be back shortly, Gage. I promise you this was my last assignment," Kali said, smiling at him. Gage smiled bac at her and headed to the living room as she walked out the door.

Kali drove to the designated meeting area and waited almost two hours for her employer to arrive. She was about to leave when he pulled up and stepped out. "Kali Walker, I presume? Do you have all the material for me?" he asks, keeping sunglasses on to hide his eyes from her. "Yes I am Kali Walker, sir. Here is everything I collected for you," she said, handing him the envelope.

He took it from her and smiled as he leafed through the contents. "You did your job very thoroughly, Miss Walker. Congratulations," he said quietly. She thanked him and got ready to go. He looked at her as the car door opened again and the two who tried to catch her stepped out. Shaking her head, Kali tried to call out to anyone who could help her but no sound would come out.

All three stepped back and smiled as she finally realized that her so called 'job' was actually a trap they had set for her. Well Gage, I was right when I said this was my last job, she thought to herself as she closed her eyes. There were three muffled pops and extreme pain when the bullets from their silencers tore through her.

Kali fell to the ground with a soft thud as the men calmly climbed into their car and drove away. Someone called for an ambulance and Kali was driven to the hospital. When she arrived, there was nothing the doctors could do. She was dead on arrival.

Gage was at home when he received the call about his sister. Dropping the phone, he rushed out of the house and drove straight to the hospital. After he identified Kali's body, he gave the police all the information he could and handed them an envelope and a phone number.

As always, with every assignment, Kali had copies of everything she gathered and kept them safe. The police thanked Gage and caught the criminals the following day. Gage buried his sister alone and stayed on in the house until he died of old age, lonely and rambling. He never forgot the last conversation he had with Kali and realized right before he passed away that she kept her promise. It truly was her last adventure.

The End

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