Lost in sorrow

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They shared a forbidden love that would take a turn they hoped to avoid.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



Lost in Sorrow

A very long time ago, I met the most exquisite and beautiful young woman. She had such fair skin, it seemed as though a light surrounded her. Her luxurious reddish - gold hair hung down to her waist and her eyes shined like two pools of pure sapphire. As our eyes met by the bonfire, I knew instantly that she had stolen my heart. We danced through the night, talking and laughing. An hour before sunrise, I took her hand in mine and led her to my place.

We slept all through the day, laying ever so comfortably in each other’s arms. When the sun went down, she rose first, sighing softly as a mortal would and I opened my eyes. She smiled at me as I gently caressed her cheek and pulled her down so that I could place a kiss lightly upon her sensual lips. "You know that I cannot stay here with you, my darling. The laws of our covens forbid it," she said sadly. I sat up and stared into her eyes as she continued,"If I stay here with you Antoine, you would be put to death. I cannot allow that to happen. You are a lycan and I am a vampire. It could never work out between us."

Shaking my head, I took both of her hands in mine and placed them over my heart. "Can you feel that, Angelique? It beats for you and you alone. We will find a way for us to be together. I would rather die than live in this world knowing you, but unable to have you," I replied vehemently. I had found true love and it was with someone who was a sworn enemy to my kind.

Angelique sighed softly and kissed me just as the door to our hideaway was kicked open I quickly sprang to my feet and pulled Angelique behind me, growling at those who dared to intrude upon my sanctuary. I shouted in rage as Angelique was pulled away from me.

Her coven wrapped a sheet around her and dragged her out as she screamed and clawed at the ones who held her tightly on her shoulders and waist. Raising my head, I stared at Lunar as he stalked over. "Let me go so I can rip your throat out!" I growled at him. "Do not harm Angelique, Lunar. She has done nothing wrong! I am the one to blame here. Not her!"

Lunar stared at me solemnly as his guards held me back. "You and Angelique have broken the rules of both covens, Antoine. For doing so, both of you must pay the consequences. She shall be tied to a stake in the courtyard and burned by the sun while you will be chained to a wall in a dark basement, pure silver nails hammered into your flesh," Lunar said as he turned and headed to the door.

From a distance, I could hear Angelique’s cries and tried with all my strength to break free and make my way to her side. My captives wrapped silver chains around my body, pinning my arms to my sides. Growling in anger because of being restrained, I stared at Lunar and cried out," You are the one who has taken the order to split Angelique and I apart and you enjoy every minute of it, Lunar. Know this and hold it close, when I am free from my imprisonment, you shall be the first one I shall seek my revenge upon."

"Take this dog out of my sight and chain him up in a dark room. We will let him suffer his isolation before we drive the spikes through his flesh," Lunar ordered.

Weakened, I was dragged out of the room and placed in the cellar. The windows were boarded over and had silver bars placed upon them. I could no longer hear my beloved’s cries and a strong sinking feeling came over me. My captives chained me to the wall and left me there, hanging almost six inches off the floor. I was suspended like that for almost four weeks, no food nor water at all and weakened from hunger and dehydration.

In the beginning of my fourth week, a light was turned on and I squinted, the brightness irritating my eyes. "The time has come for the second part of your punishment, Antoine. You shall have the spikes in your flesh for as long as I deem it necessary," Lunar said, throwing a bucket of ice water over me. I shuddered and raised my head, determined to keep my weakness hidden.

Three of Lunar’s henchmen stepped forward and drove silver spikes into my arms, legs, and torso. I bit my howls of pain back, refusing to give them the satisfaction they were expecting from my sheer agony. I hung my head and stared at the floor while they finished carrying out their orders,. "That’s enough," Lunar declared. His henchmen stepped back as he walked over, inspecting their work.

He waved to them, telling them to leave us alone. As soon as I heard them hit the last step, I looked up and into the cold blue eyes of my tormentor. "I have a little gift for you, Antoine. Something to keep you company while you serve your punishment," Lunar said, slowly grinning at me.

A dull thud made me turn my head toward the staircase and I saw Angelique’s burned corpse come tumbling down and landing just a few feet away from where I was chained. Unable to hold it in any longer, I let our an ear - splitting howl at seeing her laying there. Lunar chuckled and stepped over her body as he head up the stairs.

As the door closed and the light was turned off, shrouding me in darkness once more, I used all of my strength that I could muster and pulled the chains free from the wall. Pain shot through me like wildfire when I fell to the floor. I crawled over to Angelique’s body and cradled her in my arms, the tears falling from my eyes in floods. I cried for her pain she felt when the sun’s rays burned her, for the lost love we had that was taken away from us, and for the pain I was feeling from being tortured.

Even though I was feeling excruciating agony, I tore the chains from my wrists and ankles, then pulled every spike that was pounded into my flesh out of my body and threw them to the floor. Finding a dust covered sheet among the piles of garbage in my prison cell, I gently and carefully wrapped my beloved’s remains in it and carried her up the stairs.

Casting my senses out, I slowly opened the door and looked around. I neither sensed now felt anyone in the building and walked out with Angelique nestled in my arms. I walked to an old church and headed through the gate leading to the cemetery . Using only my hands, I dug her grave and laid her to eternal rest, asking the lord to welcome her into his graces.

I healed almost instantly and ran through the woods, picking up Lunar’s scent along the way. As it got stronger, I knew he was near. Growling low, I waited in the shadows until Lunar came close to where I was hidden. Thoughts and images flooded my mind and fueled my anger like a raging fire and I pounced.

The look of surprise mingled with fear filled Lunar’s eyes as I ripped his throat out with my canines. I tore his body to shreds before letting it fall to the ground. The others who had a hand in murdering my beloved Angelique and torturing me came running over. As quickly as I could, I lashed out and tore their throats out as well.

Seeing the ravaged bodies scattered upon the ground, I knew that I had finished my vengeance. I left my coven behind and wandered all around, not letting anyone grow close to me. I never forgot my Angelique and always kept the memory of her alive in my heart. To this day, I wander alone and when my sorrow becomes too great, I howl. So if you hear a howling sound at night, don’t be alarmed but it is only me crying out my pain. I mean no harm to anyone and promise to keep my distance.

The End

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