Love and Vengeance never dies

Love and Vengeance never dies Love and Vengeance never dies

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



I had a nightmare and some of it came true just recently.After I had that nightmare, I dragged my notebook out and wrote this story.
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I had a nightmare and some of it came true just recently.After I had that nightmare, I dragged my notebook out and wrote this story.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Love and Vengeance never dies

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I had a nightmare and some of it came true just recently.After I had that nightmare, I dragged my notebook out and wrote this story.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 03, 2008



Love and vengeance never dies

She sat up, knowing everyone else was asleep. In for a long night, she got dressed and headed outside to wander through the woods for a while. She knew that her world she held near and dear was collapsing around her. All it took were a few small words to make the safe walls come crashing down: we need to talk.

That was how her mom put it. Her mother left for Florida to stay with her grandmother for a while, saying she needed time to think about what she wanted out of life. Pulling her hood up, she jumped her creek and walked the path leading to the woods.

In a way, she felt as though she were escaping reality by walking in her haven. She entered the small clearing by the boulders and looked around, feeling the wind blow gently on her face. She sat down on a small rock, thinking about everything that was happening in her life.

Looking down, she started to sing softly to calm down. Anger and sadness were settled deep inside of her and she knew that she had to control the two emotions. "I wish that things were different, that they could go back to how things used to be, "she said softly.

As she sat there, deep in thought, she heard a sound. She jumped up and held a small hunting knife in her hand, hoping it would do the trick and scare off whatever was making the sound. The sound of twigs breaking made her turn quickly, anger replacing the fear that tried to crawl up her spine.

"Who is there?" she called out."You better answer me now or beware of the consequences." The sound of soft laughter rose up out of the darkness and she stiffened, knowing that more than one person was there in the darkness, watching her.

Picking up a branch, she threw it in the direction that the first laugh had come from. Hearing someone growl in anger and pain, she started to run through the woods back to her house. Before she could reach the path, someone jumped out and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her back to the clearing.

She struggled to escape their grasp for she hated to be restrained. All the things that she learned from books came to mind and she lashed out, using karate skills to make the person let go of her. A lighter flickered and lit a few branches that were piled up for a fire.

Looking around, she realized that there were six people there. She got into a fighting stance while holding her knife and glaring at the intruders. They smiled at her and she closed her eyes for a second, seeing what was going to happen to her.

As the fire burned brighter, they took her knife from her and tied her wrists together. There was no way to break away from them now. Pulling her hood off, they saw her short burgundy hair and burning brown eyes glaring at them.

The oldest of them came forward, anger showing in his eyes. "You threw a stick and caught me in the head with it. That wasn't a nice thing to do. You must me Raven," he said, looking at her.

She nodded and spit in his face. "Untie me so I can hurt you some more!" she hollered. He wiped his face and grinned at her. All of the others laughed as he stepped forward, holding a knife that was bigger than the one she had.

"Do you know what is going to happen to you, Raven?" he asked as he twirled the knife in his hands. "You get to go the other side all by yourself. You are the chosen one." Refusing to show any emotion, Raven looked up at him and declared," I know what is going to happen to me. I also know what is going to happen to you when I come back."

They laughed and before she could make a sound, the knife plunged through her heart, ending her life. They kept on stabbing her, then they tied her up to a tree and drew an upside down cross upon her jacket in her own blood. Leaving her there swaying by her neck, the guys left.

The next morning, her father woke up and went out to the living room, thinking that she was still asleep. When he saw that her bed was still made, he went out on the porch and hollered for her.

Receiving no answer, he looked toward the woods and saw plumes of smoke rising. He walked across the creek, following the path on the other side and found her hanging by her neck on a tree limb.

He cried out in horror and agony, and found her knife wedged in her chest. He ran back to the house and called for the police. They arrived quickly and realized that she was murdered by the same people who killed seven other women the same way. They knew it was a cult that had done it but they had no way of tracking them down.

The ambulance arrived and took her body to the morgue. Her father was beside himself as he told his children and wife what had happened to Raven.

The whole family and all of their friends were in mourning and showed up for the funeral which was held two days later. Her mother blamed her father for what happened to their daughter but family members reminded her that Raven liked to wander at night when she was restless.

After Raven was laid to rest, the family went their separate ways once more. That very night, as the moon rose high in the sky, a crow landed on the headstone next to Raven's grave.

Cawing and gently scratching at the ground with its claws, the crow waited for Raven. A hollow sound of wood breaking filled the air as she made her way out of the grave.

Falling to her knees, Raven shivered uncontrollably and looked around. When she realized that she was in the graveyard, she screamed in rage and sorrow.

Slowing standing, she started to walk out of the graveyard and head on the long journey home. The crow landed on her shoulder as she walked along, wondering what had happened to her and why she was buried.

It was almost dawn when she reached her home. The crow flew off to the trees and waited there for her as she knelt down to pet her cat that came to greet her.

She ducked down as the door opened and her father walked out to feed the cats. How would she explain to him all that happened when she didn't remember? She hid until he left and then entered her house.

She took off her dirty clothes and jumped into the shower. When she got done, she changed into black jeans, a black tank top, and threw a crocheted red jacket over the outfit. Then she did her makeup and headed out the back door to the woods.

She jumped the creek and headed up the path to the clearing. When she reached it, she fell to her knees as visions assaulted her. Closing her eyes, she saw everything that had happened to her right up to the point when she crawled out of her grave. The crow landed on a branch beside her, watching carefully.

She looked up at it and said, "Find them for me. I want to make them pay for their sins." The crow cocked his head and took the air, searching for the ones who ended her life. She went back to her house and sat down on the steps, thinking about her dear friends and family.

She stood up as she saw through her eyes three of the guys who helped end her life. She closed her eyes and concentrated on their location. When she opened them, she saw they were standing a few feet away from her talking and laughing.

Anger welled up inside of her as she stalked toward them and knocked them to the ground. They looked up at her and said, "Who are you? Halloween is a long way off yet, princess." She glared and looked into their eyes.

"You know me quite well. You killed me just a few days ago, remember?"she said, glaring at them. They looked at her closely and realized she was the one they stabbed and hung in the woods. "How can you be here? You died that night. There is no coming back," they said, fear showing in their eyes.

Raven laughed and replied, "When you die a horrible way like I did, the crow that brings your soul to the other side makes a special case and sometimes manages to bring you back to right the wrong done to you. That is why I am standing here before you. You three helped kill me and managed to destroy my family even more."

She quickly tied ropes around their necks and before they could make a sound, she pulled on the ropes quickly, hauling them 3ft. off the ground. As they swung back and forth, their necks broke and their eyes glazing over, Raven stared and drew a cross with a crow on the ground below them.

Hearing sirens, she vanished quickly and found herself back home. The crow flew after her and stayed in the tree by her home. She walked inside and saw that her father was sitting at the kitchen table, tears shining in his eyes.

He looked up as she entered, knowing what she was going to say to him. "I found your clothes by the washer, Raven. How did you come back?" he said quietly. She sat down across from him and told him that a crow brought her back so she could make the ones who killed her pay for their sins.

Her father stood and hugged her tightly to him, not wanting to let go. Sitting back down, he looked at her and said, "Make them pay for me. I thought we lost you for good." Raven smiled and said, "You know that not even death can keep me from those I love most in this world."

He laughed and said she was right. They went into the livingroom and she told him everything. Listening intently, he knew that his daughter was going to make them pay with their lives.

She washed her clothes and then walked outside as the sun set.

Her father walked out with her and looked around. The crow landed upon her shoulder as she closed her eyes, trying to locate the others. She opened them when she felt the crow take flight. Her father watched in awe and knew that the crow was going to search for the others.

They went inside and Raven checked her mail, letting only her closest friends know she was back. They didn't understand and she didn't have time to explain. She told them she would tell them everything later; right now she had to go because the crow found another of the members.

She signed off and concentrated on the location of the of the crow. Appearing beside it, she saw that it was indeed another member who had helped with her death. She followed him, keeping out of sight in case he should turn quickly and spot her.

Back at her house, her father was on the phone with her mother, telling her that their daughter had come back. Her mother argued and said it was impossible. He said he would have her go to her mother when she got back so she could see for herself that her daughter was back from the dead.

Raven saw the guy enter a house and the crow landed in a bush beside it, cawing softly. She looked through a window and saw two of them inside. She opened the window and sat down on the sill, looking down so they couldn't see her eyes.

"Once upon a time, a young woman had a great family. When the family split apart, she still loved them very much. On a cool night, the woman decided to take a walk in the woods by her house.

Out of the darkness came six guys, murder shining in their minds. The young woman fought as hard as she could. The guys took her life from her and left her in the woods. Her family mourned and vowed revenge. The funny this is, that wasn't going to be her end.

On a moonlit night, a crow landed nearby. The young woman awoke, no one heard her cry. She had come back from the other side. Now she is intent on killing you guys," she said quietly as they walked toward her.

The two guys laughed at her and said,"Do you think we believe that poem? That girl died, yes. But we know there is no coming back once you lose your life." Raven raised her head and took a knife out of her pocket. They looked at her and saw that she was the girl they killed. They ran at her and she slashed their throats.

Using their blood, she drew a cross with a crow and vanished from sight. Returning home once more, she washed the blood off of her hands and gave the crow some meat from her fridge. Her father had gone to bed but left a note for her.


Your mother and I talked tonight. She thinks I was making it up about you coming back. Do me a favor and go see her in that way that you do.

Love, Dad."

Smiling, Raven concentrated on her mother and appeared before her. Her mother started to scream but then cried as she saw her standing there. "Dad was telling you the truth, mom. I am back and I am making the ones who destroyed my life pay for their sins, "she said as her mother gave her a hug.

Sitting down for a little while, she told her mom everything that went on so far and filled her in on what happened the night she died. Thinking about the crow, Raven smiled and said, "I have to go for now, but I promise to come back when everything is over."

Hugging her mother one last time, Raven vanished from sight. In her mind, she saw the oldest member sitting in his car, watching her house. Rumors about a girl with a crow and magic powers had reached him and he wanted to see for himself.

Raven appeared in his passenger seat and grinned at him. "You look like you are searching for something. Maybe you are looking for me?" she asked, grinning. He jumped at her question and pulled out his gun. "I knew it was you. You killed my men and now you want to kill me, "he replied.

He pulled the trigger and stared as the wound healed in seconds. She looked down and saw that her favorite shirt was ripped. Grabbing his gun from him, she made him get out of the car. The front door opened and she saw her father standing there.

Without taking her eyes off the last member, she said to her father, "Call the police and tell them that one of the men who murdered me just got shot. He tried to break in and you reacted in self defense." Her father nodded and went inside to call them.

The leader looked and her and growled, "You wouldn't dare kill me." She glared at him as she saw in her mind that he was the one who wedged her knife in her heart and strung her up after his men stabbed her more. Holding the gun level with his head, Raven pulled the trigger three times, ending his life.

Her father came outside and looked at her, wondering what was going to happen now that she had gotten her revenge. She walked onto the porch and gave him a hug. Then she went inside and wrote a long e-mail to her friends, telling them everything just like she promised she would.

Raven disappeared and went to visit her mother one last time so she could say goodbye. After she said goodbye to everyone, she headed back to the graveyard as the crow followed faithfully. She laid down in her grave and her soul was brought to the other side so it could finally rest.

Her death was avenged, the murderers paid for their sins. She was able to finally rest in peace and give her friends and family closure. The police knew that the bodies they found were the ones who killed her and seven other women. What they didn't know was who had killed them and they never would.

Raven's family and friends kept what had happened a secret, one last secret they could all share with each other. They held her memory in their hearts and thanked her for giving them a final gift; They got to say goodbye to her.

The End

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