Never a Happy ever after

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Do you ever wish you could go back in time and fix mistakes you made in your life? They did, but they couldn't undo what was already done.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



Never a Happy Ever After

My sisters looked to me and I couldn’t help it, I grinned and walked over to the guy. Leaning in his window, I planted a saucy kiss on his totally kissable lips and said,"Normally, we would say yes, but for today we are walking. The exercise is good for us and so is the weather. You should try it sometime. Maybe you can catch me then." My sisters laughed and we walked off together, leaving the guy to stew on my words. I knew him and his friends from school; they were the outcasts. They always got into trouble and tended to stay to themselves.

My sisters raved about what I did to the guy all the way home. I merely grinned at them and said,"I couldn’t help it. It seemed too perfect an opportunity to pass up." They laughed and nodded, knowing how I was and always had been.

That night, we sat in our living room watching a horror movie when we heard noises coming from the huge windows in the room. My sisters walked over and pulled the curtains back, letting loose screams of shock and horror as they saw four figures staring in wearing Halloween masks.

The ones I knocked to the ground walked over to us and pulled us up onto our feet. I invited them into the house, not caring that I and my sisters were already dressed for bed. The guys looked down and mumbled apologies to us and we laughed at the fake act of humbleness. They lifted their heads and stared at us in confusion then started to laugh as well. We hung out together in the living room until the next morning, the sunlight pouring in, its rays so bright you had to blink.

I shook my sisters awake and we trudged up the stairs to get ready for school. When we came back down, dressed and refreshed, the guys had gone. We sighed, knowing that they probably thought we weren’t interested in them like they were in us. Shaking our heads, we headed to my car and I drove us to school.

When we pulled up in the parking lot, I turned my car off and looked at my sisters. "Sylvia, don’t forget your backpack in my car again. Amelia, I don’t want to get called to the office again so you need to behave today. Jemma, make sure you meet me in the library after 6th period," I said, climbing out of the car. My sisters all nodded and followed me to the front doors of the building. .

Once inside, we went our separate ways. I headed up the stairs to my first class while my sisters headed down the hall to their classes. As I reached the top of the stairs, I felt a hand wrap around my waist. Turning quickly, I stared in surprise at Mark. "Why did you guys leave without saying anything this morning?" I asked after he planted a kiss on my lips.

He shrugged and pulled me aside so our fellow students could pass by. "When we woke up, we were going to come upstairs but thought better of it. That would have ruined things before they could start. We called out goodbye to you 4, but I guess you were so busy, you didn’t hear us."

I nodded, realizing that at the time they shouted goodbye, Jemma was using her hair dryer. He pulled me closer and kissed me again, making a shiver of emotion and excitement travel throughout my whole body. "Come on, Alexia. Let me walk you to class," he said, taking me by the hand. I grinned and stayed beside him all the way to my classroom door. Heads turned our way as we entered, looks of shock and dismay showing upon many of the faces.

I didn’t care what they thought. From that day on, Mark and I were a couple. His friends Ryan, Christian, and Dominick managed to skip their classes and seek my sisters out, asking them to be their girlfriends. We dated the guys for over two years and I found out I was about a month and a half pregnant with Mark’s child. I kept it to myself, not wanting to let Mark know because there was a possibility that it wasn’t his. I cheated on him with someone else and I broke it off with that person, not wanting to lose Mark.

In the two years that we dated the guys, we did a lot of things. We raced through the streets, the guys went off and did their own thing, quite often coming home bruised and bloody which to us showed that they have been fighting for money. They never hit us once, because if they did, we would have left them in a heartbeat.

On a wonderfully hot sultry day, all of us climbed into the car and drove through the country side. We were on a mountain when out of nowhere, I let it slip that I was pregnant. Mark glanced at me and asked,"Is it mine or is it your lover’s child?" Shocked, I stared at him with my heart clenching in my chest. I said quietly,"I don’t know, Mark. I know that I still love you though. Forgive me for my indiscretion, please."

Since he was driving the car, his knuckles turned white as he clenched the steering wheel and he shook his head. "How can I forgive you? I loved you and you cheated on me, Alexia. We swore to be together and you ruined it all." Tears fell from my eyes and he turned in the seat to face me. "Mark, watch the road!" I shouted at him. My sister Jemma reached up real quick to grab the wheel and try to steer as Mark hollered at me.

We rounded a sharp curve and lost control, the car spinning round and round and then crashed through the guardrail. My sisters and I screamed as the guys yelled with fear. We were midair for a few seconds, then slammed into the rocky bed below. We bounced down the mountain, blood gushing from our wounds. I was still conscious and crying for my sisters and my friends as we crashed head first onto a huge pile of rocks. The car exploded and I felt the smoldering heat searing my skin.

Losing consciousness then, I closed my eyes and never woke again. My sisters, our boyfriends and I all died on that day. When they found our charred remains, they gave us proper burials and since then, people have slowed around that corner, fearful of crashing as we did all those years ago. We are now together in death, no pain and no anger, just sad memories clouding around us when we think of our stupid mistake we made

The End

Knowing they couldn’t see me because of the angle of the room, I snuck out the side door and circled around my house, keeping as quiet as possible. I stayed close to the side of the house and saw the four of them staring into the windows and scaring the hell out of my sisters. Without thinking about it, I rushed forward and started to fight with them.

I managed to knock 3 of them to the ground, but the 4th one tackled me. I reached out with one hand and pulled his mask from his face. His eyes shone brightly in the moonlight, the blue seeming like two flames of blue tint and his smile lit his whole face like a candle in a jack - o - lantern. He looks down at me and kisses me like I kissed him and I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. "You guys scared the hell out of my sisters, you know. I am so glad I came out here and took care of the 4 of you for it."


I always hoped that I would find something exciting to do and go on an adventure. So when I was on my way home with my sisters that one day, we knew something was about to happen. Something big and completely thrilling. We were two blocks from home when the car pulled up beside us. The passenger leaned out and called out," Hey babes, how would you 4 like to go for a ride with us guys?"

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