Second Chance at Love

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I got bored..I know it doesn't explain alot, but I had nothing better to do.

Submitted: July 28, 2008

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Submitted: July 28, 2008



Second Chance at Love

When she smiled at me the first time I met her, I knew I was a goner. I had managed to avoid women and relationships for almost eleven years. Ever since my wife Ariel died while giving birth to our four children. I spent almost my entire time taking care of my two daughters and two sons, feeding them, clothing them, and doing my best to raise them right.

When they started school, I walked them over each day and made sure I was waiting by the flag for them when they walked out after school was over. Most people tend to think I am overprotective, but I am the only thing my kids have in their life. One particular day, I was waiting for my children when a young woman bumped into me. I managed to lose my balance and slammed my head on the flag pole.

Instinctively, I reached up and rubbed the spot I hit. Turning when I heard a soft gasp, I found myself staring into bright emerald green eyes. "Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you. I am so clumsy sometimes," the young woman said in a sweet honeyed voice. As soon as I heard her speak, my heart beat a little faster and I shook my head. "It wasn’t your fault, miss. I count it as a blessing that I was born with a thick skull," I replied with a silly grin.

She smiled at me and I felt weak at the knees by how her smile reached the deep color of her eyes, somehow making them even brighter that they already were. She extended her slender and delicate hand out to me and I placed my strong hard worked hand into it. As soon as I did, a bolt of lightning rushed through me. "My name is Sofia Jensen. My son Adam and my daughter Eileen are in the same classes with two of your children I believe," she said as she shook my hand.

I nodded and replied,"It’s nice to meet you, Sofia. I am Jacob Tyler, but most people call me Jake." Sofia smiled at me and said,"It’s nice to meet you as well, Jake." We stood there chatting until the front doors of the school opened and children were walking out. My four kids Jamie, Paige, Caleb and Cole came sauntering over with Adam and Eileen.

Eileen and Adam hugged their mother as my children hugged me and we all walked down the street together. Since we lived near each other, Sofia and I decided we would all meet up in the morning and walk to the school together and in the afternoon, we would walk home with each other. Over the next few months, Sofia and I spoke often and got to know one another. I learned that her husband passed away just a few weeks after Ariel did and like me, had to raise her children on her own.

Our children spent a lot of time together, doing their homework and hanging out every day. On a cool Friday evening, I decided to gather my courage and ask Sofia out on a date. "Sofia, would you like to join me for dinner and a moonlit stroll this evening?" I asked her. Sofia smiled and said,"I was wondering when you were going to ask me, Jake. I would love to go with you this evening."

We had a neighbor come and keep an eye on the kids and had a wonderful evening out together. We went out almost every night, occasionally taking out children with us. After seven blissful months of dating and knowing her for over a year, I did what I thought I would never do again. The children were in the family room playing video games and Sofia and I were in the kitchen doing up dishes.

We kept sneaking looks at each other and I pulled out a chair for her. Sofia looked at me with questioning eyes as she sat down. I took a deep breath and knelt down in front of her. "Sofia, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you," I said slowly. Reaching into my pocket, I took out a heart shaped, fourteen carat gold diamond ring. "Sofia Jensen, everything I had in my life is yours if you say yes. Will you marry me?"

With tears in her eyes, Sofia nodded as I slipped the ring on her finger. "Yes, I will marry you, Jacob Tyler. I loved you from the first time you smiled at me," she said as she jumped up to kiss me. The kids came in and shouted with happiness when they heard the news.

Sofia, Adam and Eileen moved in on the weekend and Sofia and I were married less than two months later. The girls were the bridesmaids and the boys acted as their escorts. They, along with the priest and his wife, were our witnesses when we said our vows to each other. We’ve been happily married for twenty years. Our children live nearby and visit often with their families.

The End

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