something frightening this way comes

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This story doesn't have a happy ending and is not meant for those who scare easily.

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



Something Frightening this way comes


She screamed as loud as she could, the sound echoing off the walls and ceiling. She found herself alone in the room, no way out due to the door and windows being bolted. She sat alone in the corner, her head down so that she could cry without anyone or anything watching her.

After a while, the door opens and 5 people were thrown into the room. She jumps up and runs to the door, missing it by a mere inch as it slams shut and the audible click sounded as it was locked once more. The people look around, searching for a way out but unable to find one. She rises to her feet and stays close to the wall as they turn to stare at her in fear.

They all question her at once, saying, "Why are we here? What’s going to happen to us? What happened to you? Why are you covered in that? How did you get brought here?" She shook her head, feeling the sticky matting of blood coating her long blond hair. "I am Charlotte Daniels. I don’t know why we were brought here or what is going to happen to us. I am covered in my own blood due to being struck in my head and knocked unconscious when they caught me. I do know that we need to find a way out of here because if we stay, something horrible will happen to us."

The two girls started to cry as the guys banged on the door and windows, trying to break through and escape. After trying for over 4 hours, the guys realized it was futile. There was no way out of the room. The girls had fallen asleep on the floor, using floor mats as beds. The guys lay down as well, falling fast asleep within moments.

Sometime in the night, a cloaked figure walks into the room and clamps a hand over one of the guys’ mouths, dragging him from the room. When the rest of them woke the next morning, the girls started to yell. "Where is he? He was here with us last night. What happened to Jeremy?" one girl screamed. The other girl grabbed her friend and held her close, trying to calm her down. "Camille, he isn’t in here. They must have taken him last night. Mike and Stephen are still here with us. We need to stay awake tonight so no one else vanishes," she said. Camille looks at her friend and says shakily," Dani, where did they take him? Why are they doing this?"

Charlotte looked down as Mike and Stephen wrapped their arms around Camille and Dani, holding them close. She headed to a corner and sat down, wishing with all her heart that she was dreaming and she would wake up in her own bed. The door only opened once, a huge tray of food was placed by the wall and then it slammed shut again.

They ate in silence, each one wondering what would happen and where Jeremy had gone. They somehow knew that they would never see him alive again. They tried their best to stay awake that night, but their eyes closed and they fell fast asleep, huddled together. Charlotte was separate from the, finding sleep in her corner.

Once again, the door opens and the cloaked figure enters quietly. This time, he takes Camille with him when he leaves. The next morning, there is a thin trail of blood leading from where Camille had slept and stopping right at the door. Dani screamed in anger and sorrow, realizing that two of her dearest friends were now gone. Stephen and Mike turn to Charlotte and decide to talk with her.

"Did you see what the guy looked like before he clocked you over the head?"Mike asks. Charlotte shakes her head and replies," I only saw that he was tall, well built and wore a cloak with a hood. I couldn’t see his face." Stephen asks softly," Charlotte, do you think you can stay up with us tonight? We don’t want to lose anyone else." She nods, determined to find a way out of here.

They eat a little food and then sit down together near the corner, each one holding on to the other by their hand. They stay awake until the middle of the night, hearing the door open and seeing the cloaked figure walk in and stagger toward them. "You 4 will come with me, now. Do not make me kill you before we have a chance to torture you," he says to them in a raspy voice. They stand up as he points a blood covered knife at them and walk out of the room with him. Standing just outside the door are two more cloaked figures.

They lead the 4 people down a flight of stairs to a dank basement. The girls scream as they see Camille and Jeremy hanging, hooks jutting from their throats and shoulders, arms and legs cut off. Their eyes staring blankly ahead at nothing and the mouths sewn shut. The guys grab onto the girls and hold them tight as they are shoved forward, past the bodies and into a smaller chamber.

Charlotte holds onto Stephen and asks,"What are you going to do to us? Kill us like you did them?" The cloaked figures grin, their teeth green with decay. Charlotte looks away, trying hard to keep her food down. Stephen and Mike push the girls behind them, trying hard to keep them safe for now.

The 3 murderers reached up and took hooks from a shelf. They walked slowly toward their prisoners and with lightning speed, hooked the guys by their throats and dragged them forward. The girls huddle together as their cries go unheard. They watch in horror as the guys are strung up on hooks, searing pain and terror showing brightly in their eyes. The cloaked figures slice the guys open from their chests to their groins and start to take the organs out. The girls gag as they see the guys’s entrails spill out onto the floor.

The cloaked figures clean the bodies out, then stuff them and sew them up as the girls fall to their knees and watch. The bodies are then taken off the hooks and placed in a huge pot, soaked in what looked to be a coating of some kind. Once covered completely, they are placed back on the hooks. The girls look up and scream as loud as they as they are dragged to their feet by two of the figures.

The third walks over and stares into the girls’ eyes, seeming to enjoy the terror he saw there. "We have something special planned for the two of you. You girls are the chosen ones for our next experiment," he says to them. Charlotte shakes her head violently as Dani clings to her arm. "Please, let us go. We promise to tell no one what you did. Just let us go," Charlotte says in a shaky voice. Dani looked up quickly and screamed,"Let us out of here now! If you don’t, I swear I will have every police officer in this state on your porch so fast, your heads will spin!"

Charlotte stares at Dani in shock, willing her to shut up so they could leave here. The three figures shake their heads slowly, letting them know they can’t leave the room. Tears fell from their eyes as the girls realized this was it. Their wrists were held behind their backs and then they were forced to their knees.

The one cloaked figure raised what appeared to be a machete and brought it down swiftly, cutting off Dani’s head with one slice. Charlotte screamed as loud as she could as Dani’s blood sprayed over her. The body was taken to the hooks and the arms and legs were ripped off. The head was hanging on a separate hook next to it and Charlotte stared numbly as the blood dripped down into a pan.

The figures turned slowly and headed toward her, their grins turning quite gruesome as they raised machetes in the air. Charlotte closed her eyes as one cut through her neck, slicing her head off. As it rolled to the floor, the eyes popped open and the hair flew around, framing the face. Her arms were next to be cut off and then her legs. Her body was split in two and the pieces were placed directly into the boiling pot.

The figures worked in silence, piecing everything together and making sculptures out of the bodies. They placed them around their home and no one ever knew that they were real. They merely thought that they were mannequins. Every now and then, someone would vanish and no one ever guessed what had happened to them.

The cloaked figures worked at night, and held respectable jobs during the day. They carried their dark secrets as close to themselves as they could and they were never caught by anyone for the wrong deeds they have committed.

The End

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