The Evil Within

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Spirits can do many things.When they are powerful enough, they can end your life.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



The evil within

Roaming around her huge house, she felt a huge sense of loneliness. She went up the stairs to the master bedroom and sat down on her bed. Grabbing a satin ribbon, she pulled her long black hair up and looked around the room. Suddenly, she felt a cold wind and her light went out, enclosing her whole room in darkness.

Letting her eyes adjust, she tried to see what it was that was making her so cold. Out of nowhere, something grabbed her and she was thrown to the floor. An invisible hand grabbed her by the throat and she gasped for air. A loud bang and a shout rang out from downstairs and the thing released her and vanished as quickly as it came.

Leaning on the floor, she breathed heavily; not quite sure what had happened to her. Climbing to her feet, she stumbled to the door and fell into the arms of the stranger who shouted. Leaning against his chest, she shakily told him what went on and for a long moment, neither of them spoke.

He raised her head up to look into her striking green eyes and said softly,"My dear Lillie. I swear I will never let anyone or anything harm you as long as I am around to protect you." Looking up at him, Lillie felt a wave of warmth and love flow through her.

She replied softly,"Stay with me tonight, Noah. In your arms, I always feel safe."Noah grinned as Lillie took the hand he held out to her and together they walked into her bedroom, closing the door behind them. Lillie and Noah fell asleep in each other's arms, waking up only when the sunlight filled the bedroom.

Stretching, Lillie looked down and saw that she had bruises all over her arms and legs. Noah looked down as well for he too was covered with bruises. Looking at each other, they knew right away that the evil spirits in the house caused them. The had to do something before they ended up like all the others who previously owned the house.

Legend has it that the ones who built the house two hundred years ago worshiped Satan. The townspeople stormed into the home and dragged the family outside. Placing nooses around their necks, the townspeople hung the family then set their corpses on fire. Since then, whoever owned the house was plagued by the vengeful spirits and died horrific deaths.

Lillie remembered an old priest who used to perform exorcisms and she called him up, explaining exactly what was going on in her home. The priest told her to leave immediately and wait for him outside. Hanging up, she grabbed Noah's hand and they ran outside to wait for the priest.

Fifteen minutes later, the priest pulled up and spoke to both of them. "You must stay out here while I go inside and cleanse the house. Do not enter no matter what you see or hear." Noah and Lillie nodded and watched as the priest walked into the house, the door closing tightly behind him.

A moment later, Lillie heard the priest yell and tried to go help him. Holding onto her tightly, Noah reminded her about what the priest told them. Falling to her knees in defeat, Lillie leaned against Noah and together, they impatiently waited outside.

The hours flew by and just as the sun was beginning to set over the horizon, the front door opened and a battered priest walked slowly over to them. Leaning against a tree, he told them of his battle. Finishing, he consoled them and said,"Your house is now free of evil. Nothing will harm either of you ever again."

With that, he bid them farewell and drove away. Holding onto each other, Lillie and Noah entered the house and floated up to their bedroom. You see, sometime in the night, the evil within the house murdered them while they slept. They had their bodies buried out back and their spirits roamed the house freely.

New owners came and went over the years. None of them ever had a problem sharing their home with the previous owners. Lillie and Noah were at peace and rejoiced whenever a new family decided to stay a while.

The End

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