The Last fight

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They are everywhere though you do not notice them.They can pass themselves off as human until the moon rises and the bloodlust burns through their veins.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



Long ago, there was a township set far in the woods. The only thing is, humans didn't know that it existed. It was run by an ancient vampire whose name was Lady Raven.

She had scores of followers who were vampires as well. They hunted in secret for a thousand years. No one could explain why twenty people disappeared a month. Some thought they died of sickness while others thought they had set out to find a new place to call home.

Lady Raven would occasionally visit the town that her home bordered but everyone thought she was human and someone of great importance. They always regarded her with respect whenever she paid a visit.

In present day, she still ruled over her town and followers. One day, a stranger wandered into the township. He was confused about where he was and thought that the town was deserted.

He walked to the biggest house and entered quietly. Thinking that it was abandoned, he made it his home. As it turned out, it was Lady Raven's home.

When the night fell across the town, the stranger walked around outside and noticed that it was full of people. Not knowing what to think, he made like he belonged there and all the vampires thought he was one of them.

Lady Raven walked outside and sensed something was hovering in the air. She walked all around until she came across the stranger. Staring at him, she demanded to know who he was.

The stranger looked at her and fell to his knees quickly. "My lady, I was told to seek the one who would change my life. Now that I kneel before you, I do know that it was you that I was told to seek."

Surprised and angered, Lady Raven grabbed the stranger and pulled him to his feet. "Who has told you to seek me out? This is my town. You are not welcome here. I demand you leave at once or face the consequences," she told him.

The stranger was frightened but stood his ground. "I am not human, my lady. The one who told me to find you was your father. The one who has made you an immortal," he told her quickly.

She looked into his eyes and saw that he spoke the truth. Nodding slowly, she said,"Very well. I shall let you stay." With that, she vanished from sight.

The stranger let out a sigh of relief, surprised that the vampire had believed him. He roamed the streets all night long until the sun started to rise up over the horizon.

All of the vampires went back to their homes to sleep for the day while the stranger walked around and soon learned where they all slept.

As soon as the sun rose all the way, he went to every house, business and hiding place, killing the vampires while they slept.

As soon as he knew all the followers have been destroyed, he went back to his home and sought out Lady Raven. It took him most of the day to locate her.

With an hour to go before the sun went down, he looked at her as she slept and then rammed the stake through her heart as quickly as he could.

Watching as she turned to dust, he went around and burned the whole town down to nothing. Grinning to himself, he thought about all the other vampires that he had dealt with and destroyed.

You see, he could not rest till he had avenged his family's deaths. The vampires killed them when he was a young boy and he vowed to seek them out and destroy them.

It took him three hundred years to do so and now that he was done, he would finally be able to rest and join his family in heaven.

He walked to the cemetery where his body was buried. Laying on top of the grave, he passed on quietly. The light filled the sky for one bright instant and then all was dark once again.

In the distance, you could hear the sound of rejoicing; it was the sound of him and his family being reunited after all these years.

The End

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