The little girl who could fly

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When you use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. All the things you can believe you are doing just might come true one day.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



The little girl who could fly

Long ago, there was a little girl named Alana Jade. Little Alana had a huge imagination. Whenever her mother asked her to do something, Alana would say dreamily," I am sorry, Mother. I am too busy."

Her mother would stare then walk away and do it herself. There was only one thing Alana liked to do. She liked to sit quietly and play in the land of make believe.

Her and her mother lived all alone on top of a hill which overlooked the whole town. At least once a week, they made the long descent down to the market to get food and necessities for the week.

There was just one thing Alana always wanted to do, and that was to be able to fly. She loved imaging things and pretending that she could do everything she wanted to do.

On a bright autumn day, little Alana walked outside and sat on top of her hill. She saw the children in the village flying kites high in the air. Oh, how I wish I could fly like those kites! She thought to herself.

While her mother was occupied, Alana stood upon a rock and closed her eyes. She imagined that she was as light as a kite and spread her arms out.

As she did so, a big gust of wind came and picked Alana up, carrying her towards the wispy clouds. Not feeling the rock beneath her feet, Alana opened her eyes and gasped.

"I am really flying!" she exclaimed happily. She dived up and down, left and right. She grinned happily and flew towards the village below. She saw all of the children playing, the adults walking around and doing their usual shopping.

Growing tired, Alana started to fly back home. She landed perfectly on the rock and closed her eyes again. Her mother came outside as the sun started to set.

Alana ran over to her mother and said excitedly," Did you see me? I was able to fly like a bird, Mother." Her mother shook her head. "You must have imagined it, Alana.’ Alana looked up at the sky and smiled. "I guess I did." They headed inside to have dinner and sleep.

The End

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