the Sinister Haunting

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When you enter an abandoned house, make sure there are no occupants inside.

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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Submitted: July 26, 2010



The Sinister Haunting

Minah Davies wrapped her jacket around herself a little more, unsure of the feeling that was starting to

come over her. As she pushed back her short light brown hair, Minah shivered, feeling as though someone or something unseen were watching her intently.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" she yelled, running up the street to catch up to her friends. They slowed their pace, giving Minah time to fall into stride. Minah's older brother Jarred tugged his sister's hair and laughed when she jumped. "You are so easy to frighten, sis. Maybe we should all meet up tonight and explore the creepy house down the street. We will be able to find out if it is really haunted,"Jarred said, giving his sister a sinister grin. Minah slapped him upside his head and walked away from him. boyfriend Luc jogged to catch up to her. Head bowed, she kept on walking, ignoring everything around her. He grabbed her hand, holding onto her so she couldn't walk away from him. Minah turned toward him slowly, keeping her head bowed so he couldn't see the burning fury behind her emerald green eyes. planting a soft kiss on Minah's lips as he whispered," Don't let your brother pick on you so much, baby. He just likes to push your buttons and make you madder than a bat out of hell. Come with me so you can calm down." Minah looks into his sky blue eyes and nods, agreeing to go with him. and waves goodbye to their friends and Jarred, then they walk off in a different direction. Luc and Minah get into her car and drive to the picnic area located near a spacious park and spend the rest of the afternoon laughing, kissing and talking together. you guys," Jasmine declared. The girls shook their heads in agreement and opened the door. As they proceeded to head out, an unearthly cry ensued and they looked behind them, looking to see what did it. The guys vaulted out of their chairs and ran towards the girls. They headed to Minah and Jarred's house to pick up candles, and herbs that they would need to perform the cleansing on the house.. Minah and Luc headed up the stairs while Carolyn and Emily blessed the downstairs rooms. Jasmine and Jarred headed down to the basement to cleanse it of anything that could be there.



Luc lifted her chin,

He grins

Later on, they meet up with everyone outside the spooky old manor and climb the rickety broken steps, halting before the front door. Jarred and Luc step forward, opening the door and wincing as the hinges screamed. Minah started to giggle, watching her boyfriend and her brother enter the house cautiously, as though they were expecting something to jump out at them.

Jasmine, Carolyn and Emily looked at Minah and smiled at her. Minah reached out and slammed the door shut and cracked up laughing as the boys jumped a mile in the air. The girls howled and moaned, the guys turning to glare at them.

The girls huddle together as the two guys start to walk towards them, anger and embarrassment showing on their facial expressions. Scattering quickly before the guys could get any closer, Carolyn, Jasmine, and Emily took off through the hallway as Jarred ran after them. Minah ran up the stairs, shrieking with laughter as Luc chased after her.

Dodging to the left, then ducking, she escaped him and ran into one of the rooms. Hiding, Minah listened with keen hearing as Luc searched for her. Emily hid from Jarred until he entered the kitchen, then swiftly ran up the stairs, looking for Minah and her brother Luc.

Hearing screams, she giggled, knowing that Jarred found Carolyn and Jasmine hiding in the kitchen. As she got to the fourth door on the left, Emily cringed, feeling like she just walked through a doorway of spider webs. Just as she brought her hand to the door, the knob turned and Minah stepped out of the room, screaming as she unwittingly bumped into Emily.

Both girls crashed to the floor, crying out in surprise and pain. Luc walked into the hallway, wondering what the racket was and saw the girls on the floor. Rushing over, her checked on his sister first, then checked Minah. Aside from a twisted knee and a few bruises, both girls were all right. Minah limped down the stairs and into the living room, Luc and Emily following along. Jarred and the girls walked in a few moments later, covered in dust and looking at Emily and Minah with concerned looks. "What happened here?" Jarred asked, shooting daggers with his eyes at Luc.

Emily waved her hand and said nonchalantly," Minah and I managed to scare each other and fell. I was walking into a room that she was vacating and we bumped into each other and fell. That's it." Luc nodded and said," I came out into the hallway and made sure they were all right. Then we came down here."

Jarred breathed a sigh of relief and flopped down into a chair, pulling Carolyn down with him. Just as Jasmine was about to say something, all of them heard a popping sound and stared in horror and amazement as all the lights became lit like candles. Shining brightly for minute, the whole room was bathed in the candlelight, then as if by a huge wind, the light went out, leaving them in darkness once again.

Carolyn, Jasmine, Emily, and Minah jumped up, heading directly to the front door. "This place gives me bad vibes. We are leaving right now, with or without

Minah smiled grimly, knowing there was definitely a spirit in the house and that they had to do something to get rid of it. Carolyn looks at Minah and realizes the same thing. "We have to cleanse this house, you guys. We woke them when we entered. We have to make them leave and move on," Carolyn says softly.

All of the girls look at the guys solemnly, quietly agreeing that they had to do a cleansing in the house. The guys bowed their heads in defeat, knowing that if they tried to argue, the girls would win no matter what.

After gathering everything, they headed back to the creepy house and got to work

While working in different rooms, each one felt that they were not alone. Looking around and seeing no one, they got back to what they were doing. All seemed well until Minah headed up to the attic. On one wall, there was a pentagram and smudges on the floor below it.

Kneeling down, she started to say a prayer and the candle blew out. Feeling something was in there with her, she started to call out, but no sound would come from her mouth. As she stood up and backed away from the wall, she felt something shove her and she fell backwards.

Gathering her courage, she shouted for everyone, but no one came. They were all too busy dealing with strange things themselves. Luc felt someone grab his waist, Jarred and Jasmine were locked in the basement and hearing growling, Emily was pinned to the wall by an unseen force, and Carolyn was covering her eyes, trying to block out the shadowy figure that was standing before her very eyes.

Minah quickly lit the candle again and said the prayer needed to bless the house. The entity that was in the attic with her howled with rage, making the floors and the walls shake. She kept on repeating it, trying to get the evil to leave.

Emily worked on trying to get free, but the spirit was too strong. She was pinned so tight, she could barely catch her breath. Carolyn kept on reciting the prayer and kept her eyes closed so she would not have to look at the thing in front of her. Jarred and Jasmine banged on the door, trying to wrench it open and hoping that their friends heard them. Luc recited the prayer and held the herbs out in front of him, the smoke from them forming ringlets all around him.

Minah felt a sense of relief and then breathed in roses, knowing that the spirit had gone from the house. She headed down the stairs in search of everyone, hoping that they were not in any danger. She heard Luc calling out to her and followed his voice, saying the prayer as she walked along the dark hallway.

When she entered the room he was in, she saw a young woman standing in front of him. He looked up quickly and said,"Minah, say the prayer with me. This house has a lot of evil in it and we have to get rid of it." Minah nodded and said the prayer with him, watching as the spirit vanished and breathed in roses once again. They headed down the stairs to help the others fight the evil that was trying to harm them.

They reached Emily and saw that she was starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen. They recited the prayer and held the herbs out, letting the smoke and their words help the spirit flee from this world. Emily collapsed to the floor, coughing and sputtering."What the hell was that?"she asked, breathing in deeply.

Minah and Luc knelt down beside her, holding onto her so she could stand with them. "That was an evil spirit. Someone managed to do magic here and they invited them in," Minah said angrily. Hearing banging, they rushed to the basement door and wrenched it open. Jarred and Jasmine fell into their friends, reciting with them and praying that the spirits in the house would move on.

They all heard Carolyn crying and praying and ran to help her. Halting quickly, they saw that a demon was standing before her. Joining hands, they all recited the prayers at the top of their lungs, asking the lord to help them in ridding the house of all evil and closing the gateway to the underworld.

The demon stared at them and roared, making objects fly around and the house shook as though an earthquake were going on. Praying louder, they watched as the demon vanished from their eyes and the house grew calm.

They all smelled roses and knew that the gateway had been closed. They blew out their candles and headed outside to breathe in the fresh night air. They made a solemn vow that night : They would never ever enter that house again. After everything strange went on, they knew they did not want to go through some freaky shit like that ever again.

They all headed to Minah and Jarred's house and fell fast asleep, awakening the next day at noon. They talked about what went on in the house with each other and then put it in the past though they never forgot what happened that night.

Some people bought the house a few weeks later and moved out after a month. They said they heard laughter and things were moving around. The spirits had tricked them, they were still there. No one lived in the house for long, something always went on and they vacated the premises quickly. Finally, after a year had gone by, the house was condemned and knocked to the ground. Nothing was built there and it remains empty to this day. Minah and her friends and brother stay away from the vacant lot, not taking any chances. Nothing has been seen nor heard ever since.

The End

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