"The Twister"

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James Thomas is a loyal knight. But will he be able to find his way back home?

Submitted: September 01, 2013

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Submitted: September 01, 2013



“The Twister”

By Cody Williams



James Thomas sat up from his bed and placed his bare feet on the floor. He pushed himself out of bed forcing him to sit up. He placed his hands over his faced and rubbed it. James walked over to the rocking char across from the bed where his clothes were hanging ready for him to put them on.

He grabbed a long sleeved white shirt and slipped it over his torso. Then he grabbed his silver metal armor and slipped the top over his torso and then the bottoms over his legs. James sat back down on the bed and bent over grabbing his leather boots. He placed them on his feet and stood back up from the bed.

James walked back over to the rocking chair and grabbed a long black leather belt. He placed the belt around his waist and buckled it. He then walked over to the wooden shelf on the other side of the room and reached on top of it grabbing a sword. He slit the sword into the right side of his baldric and a small dagger on the left side of him.

He picked up his metal had and placed it on his head. He walked over to the doorway and walked out of the room. He continued walking through the living room.

“Goodbye Mom!” James said to his mother as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. James was a single man. His mother has been sick for quite sometime so she moved in with him so that he could keep an eye on her.

“Goodbye James, have a nice day!” His mother said having at him. He smiled and walked out of the of the house. The truth is, at first he was kind of unsure how he felt about his mother moving in with him. However, he has grown to like it. Now he has someone to care for him and fix him dinner twenty four seven.

Little Jimmy, James’ son, ran up to him before he could leave the yard. Little Jimmy’s mom ran out on the family years ago. I suppose that is another reason he likes his mom living with him, so she can take care of Little Jimmy while he was on the force. He knelt down as Little Jimmy ran into his arms. Little Jimmy was only three years old. He was short and had short blonde hair.

“Daddy” Little Jimmy yelled out with joy as he embraced James. “I love you daddy!” Little Jimmy told his father.

“I love you too son! Now you be a good boy and take care of grandma while I’m gone okay!” James said to his son. Little Jimmy nodded his head and hugged James once more. James knelt down again placing his son on the ground. “Now that’s a good boy!” James said standing back up. “Now go back inside and be with grandma!” He said to Little Jimmy. Little Jimmy turned around to face the house and ran inside. James continued to walk the red dirt road to the castle of the King.

As he walked along the red dirt road nearly every man, woman, and child came to greet him. James was known to be the hero in town after nearly dying in a sword fight in order to save the life of his brother Harold. James didn’t like the attention that much. He didn’t see himself as a hero nor did he want to be. He just wanted to be James. He just wanted to be known as another average guy on the force.



After he passed the village he began walking up the red clay dirt hill leading to the castle. After he reached the top of the hill he walked straight towards the castle.

“Halt! Who goes there?” The two guards said in unison as the crossed their swords not allowing him to enter the castle. He took off his metal helmet in respect.

“James Thomas good sirs!” James replied the guards. The guards removed their swords from in front of him and gave him a nod allowing him to enter the castle. He walked straight down the red carpet leading to the golden throne.

“Ahhh, Mr. Thomas!” King Adams said in a greeting tone.

“You wanted to see me your honor?” James asked the King respectfully.

“Yes sir! I have a mission for you and you alone.” King Adams informed James. “My daughter, Samantha, has gone missing a few days ago, and I need you to go looking for her to bring her back home!” King Adams said to James. “If you accept this quest, I vow, you will receive anything you want!” King Adams said to him.

“Anything?” James asked King Adams. King Adams nodded as he pointed towards the door. James nodded accepting the challenge and turned around walking back down the isle and out of the castle.

James took in a breath of fresh air. He began walking back down the long red dirt road trail until stumbling upon a rag doll that used to belong to Princes Samantha. It was at the beginning of another path leading into the woods of the lost. James gulped and began walking the trail towards the forest. The wind began to blow quite hard.

James looked up at the sky and noticed a distinct difference. The sky was not lit dark gray and lightning bolds filled the sky. He began walking towards the forest faster hoping to find shelter under some trees. He noticed how the leaves began to circle around in a funnel. He noticed that up in the sky was the formation of a funnel cloud. He began walking faster again trying to reach the forest when the funnel cloud touched down behind him.

James began running as fast as he could, but it was not fast enough to out run the twister. James got sucked into the funnel cloud and blacked out.



James opened his eyes looking into the blinding sun. He sad up from the cracked ground and began looking around. He was in the middle of a deserted desert.

“Shit! Where the hell am I?” James said to himself. Now not only is the quest to find Samantha underway, so is the quest to return home. The quest for the lost empire has begun.


Copyright 2013 by Cody Williams


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