Visitors of Darkness

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What can I say? I get ideas for strange and interesting stories through strange and interesting thoughts and imaginings.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008




Visitors of Darkness

  As you wander alone at night, make sure no one or nothing is following along behind you. Alexandra Adams and her sister Cassie learned that lesson the hard way. They were walking home one night when out of nowhere they heard a loud howl. As they turned around, they saw that they were being followed by four people. Scared, they took off running and made it to their house, locking the door behind them.

 Alexandra sent her sister upstairs to rest while she made sure no one was outside. To her surprise, she saw the strangers standing there under the moonlight, their faces shadowed by the hoods they wore. Her sister called for her and she turned to ask what she needed. When she turned back to look outside, the strangers had vanished from sight.

 Calm, so she does not worry her sister, she tells Cassie they are safe in their home and nothing bad will happen. Too bad it was a promise she could not keep. A few nights later, Alexandra was coming home from work when she noticed lights on in an old house across the street from her house. The house was vacant for a long time and now seemed to be occupied.

 Thinking to herself that she never saw a moving van or anything at the house, she hid in the shadows and saw the four guys walk out of the house. Keeping quiet as a mouse, she watched as they walked across the street and stood in her yard. They looked up at the sky and to her amazement, they flew into the air!

 Shocked and scared, she ran to her house and shut the door quickly. Her sister had been watching from the window and saw what went on. Cassie looked at her sister and said softly,"Vampires have moved in next door. They came over earlier and I would not let them in. That is the only way they can get to you, Alex. If you invite them in, you are theirs."

 Alex looked at her sister, then sat down on the couch. "What do you plan we do about them, Cass?" she asked rather sharply. Cassie shook her head slowly and sat down as well." We cannot do anything right now, Alex. We have to wait before we do,"she replied. Pulling on her scarf, Cassie stood up and went to the window. Alex looked at her and asked softly,"Cass, why are you wearing a scarf around your neck?"

 Cassie turned slowly and looked at her sister with wide eyes."I felt like it." Alex stood up quickly, grabbed the scarf and pulled it off her sister. Seeing two punctures in her sister's neck, she gasped in horror."This cannot be real,"she said shakily. Cass smiled grimly and said it was real. She was walking home before the guys stopped over and she was bitten by one of them.

 Knowing the legends, she had 4 days before she would change completely. Alex shook her head back and forth as her sister went to the door and let the vampires inside. They walked towards her and she held up her cross that she always wore around her neck. They hissed and backed off, leaving her room to run up the stairs to safety.

 As she ran, she did not realize the clasp on her necklace came undone and her cross had slipped off of her neck. She made it to her room and blocked the door quickly with her dresser. She sat down in the corner of her room, shaking with fear. What would happen to her? Her sister was changing, the vampires were after her, and she was alone and unarmed.

 As she held her head in her hands, her window on the other side of the room blew open and one of the guys appeared in front of her. He looked at her and smiled, showing his fangs. She screamed and tried to escape but she was hypnotized by his eyes. Paralyzed with fear, she could not move nor breathe as the vampire tilted her neck, exposing her veins. He slowly leaned towards her and bit down on her flesh, sipping her life away through her blood.

 Weak, she fell against him and he held her up while he fed. After a few moments, he laid her down upon her bed and opened the door to her room. They all came in and waited as Alexandra stirred in her slumber then slowly opened her eyes, too weak to talk. They all grinned at her and moved quickly towards her.

 The one who bit her cut open his arm and forced her to drink of his blood. She tried to struggle, but it was useless. The metallic scent was in the air and she latched on quickly, quenching the thirst she felt inside of her. Her sister had already gone through the change and now it was her turn. She pulled away and wiped her mouth, rushing towards the window.

 Turning to her sister and the immortals, she smiled as she spit all of the blood out of her mouth and out the window."Do you not realize what time it is?"she asked them. They looked at her curious as she opened up her window wide. Grabbing the mirror off of her dresser, she counted to 10 as the sun rose over the horizon and light poured into her room. The reflection from the mirror bounced around the room.

 Keeping by the window, she directed the light to hit the vampires full on, listening to their screams and cries of pain. The guys exploded into dust and the only one to remain standing there was her sister. Shocked, Alexandra looked at Cassie, wondering why she did not die. Cassie walked over to her sister smiling. "Like you, I spit the blood out. I had to make like I went through the change. These marks will heal and we will be fine,"Cass told her.

 Alex hugged her sister, thankful they managed to destroy the vampires. Over the next few days, they managed to get their strength back and the marks disappeared.

 They lived full lives and stayed out until the sun went down, being careful as they walked home each night.

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