Inside the Fire-Disturbed

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This short story is based on the song "Inside the Fire" by Disturbed. It is about the girl, Devon, in her own personal hell.

P.S The shadow figure that talks to Devon is supposed to look like the thing on Disturbed's album cover.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



Inside the Fire

By, MidnightWolf97


In front of me blazes a ruby red fire. So captivating, this ruby red fire. The color is just.... magnetic. It looks so smooth and soft. But it smells like blood. I stick my hands out and put them in the fire. It calls to me. "Come to me....."

I step closer to the flames. Suddenly, a strange hum fills the air. It's a haunting tune that made my ears ring. Then, the fire disappears. An icy cold fills it's place. I shudder, then the whole world is in flames again. Never have I ever seen so many shades of red, orange, and yellow. The colors..... they just aren't real..... They can't be real....

A deep, evil laugh breaks my trance. Shadows creep around me, and a scorching smell fills the air. Closer and closer the shadows circle until they have me pressed against them. With long, crooked black fingers, then begin to tug at my long black hair and scrape my skin. I try to scream, but one of the shadows puts its hand over my mouth.

A new figure appears in the distance. He isn't a shadow, but his eyes are blood red. He approaches me and looks deep into my eyes. I can't break away from the firey gaze.

"Devon," he says, his voice rough and ashy, "Nice of you to finally join us." He motions the shadow figure to move his hand from my mouth.

"Where am I?" My lips quiver. He is both compelling and terrifying. Fear is stirring inside me.

"Where are you?" He chuckles. "Can't you answer that for yourself, Devon?" I bite my lip as he traces a clawed finger down my cheek. "Am I..... dead?"

Now he really laughs now, wiping the tears that had started to spill down my cheeks away. "Not quite, Devon. But you might as well be." He snaps his fingers and the shadows slink away into the flames. He circles me and I can feel his eyes scanning me up and down. He wraps his hands around my waist and pulls me back, into him. "Welcome to your hell."

"My hell?" All of me is shaking excpet my waist. His hands had a numbing effect where he put them on my waist.

"Pyscological hell," he states matter-of-factily. "You're my latest victim. A lost soul. Forever to be mine. See Devon, I'm a soul-stealer. You're unstable. Everyone I take in is unstable. Hence the fire." He guestered around us to the burning columns of flames. "Fire is so unpredictable. Many fear it. Except you." He spins me around to where I'm facing him again. He takes my hands in his. I try to pull away but his grip is tight. My hands began to feel his numbing effect. "I mean look at what you did for yourself. You obviously feel the power fire has, and the destruction it can cause. You are very troubled my dear. More than you think." He brings my fingers to my lips and whispers against them. "Back home, you'll began to go mad. Madder than you have ever been before. There's only one escape." He laughs. "Death. You die, and you'll go to the real hell. But even that is more mild then here. It will take you alot of effort to die, considering I'm in control of you know."

I really start to cry. "How am I here, when I'm still there?"

"Because." His eyes turn from blood red to flames. And I don't mean flame color. I mean his eyes were now on fire. "I have your soul. This, really, is all in your head. To decide if it's real or not, that's up to you."

I scream as the fire begans to engulf me. The haunting humming starts again. Impossible, but it was true. 

I'm trapped inside myself........ 


© Copyright 2018 MidnightWolf97. All rights reserved.

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