I Found You, My Secret Admirer

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"i have one thing left to say...I found you my secret admirer"

Submitted: July 30, 2008

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Submitted: July 30, 2008



 "Hey Nyx…wait up!!"

Nyx turned around and smiled at her best friends, Koru and Jennifer, as they ran to catch up to the dark brunette.

"Hey guys," she said to the panting girls in front of her.

"Nyx …we…have…some…great news!" Koru said trying to speak and breathe at the same time. "We know who your secret admirer is!"

 Nyx’s light gray eyes widened as she stared at her best friend since kindergarten in amazement. She had had this secret admirer for six months now. He was so good at hiding his identity that it had taken this long for her friends to find him. Nyx had given up after the first two months and jut accepted the little notes she got. But not her friends.

"Ya. We found him writing a note to you. It was actually an accident. We walked into the science room looking for Koru’s lost book and there he was. You’ll never guess who it is!!" Jennifer said, her chocolate brown eyes twinkling and a big grin splitting her face.

 Nyx rolled her eyes. She knew it was killing her friends by not telling her. "Fine, I give up. Who?"

 "LAKOTA!!" both Koru and Jennifer practically yelled in unison.

 Nyx’s eyes grew as huge as dinner plates and her jaw dropped. She was completely and utterly speechless, which never happened. Nyx’s secret long time crush was her secret admirer.

"Um…Earth to Nyx…are you with us?" Koru asked, her stormy blue-gray eyes filled with worry, as she waved a hand in front of Nyx’s face. Nyx snapped out of her daze.

 "OMG! Are you serious?" she squealed.

 Koru and Jennifer looked at each other with knowing eyes, then looked back at Nyx and nodded in unison. All three girls started giggling uncontrollably.

 When the laughter finally subsided and the three friends started walking again, Nyx bombarded the other two with questions.

 "So tell me what happened." Was Nyx’s first demand.

 "Well as we told you we were looking for my lost book when we found him," Koru began. "We opened the science room door and there he was, sitting all hunched over like. He didn’t even hear us come in."

 "Yeah. And Miss Curious over here," Jennifer, who pointed her thumb at Koru, who stuck her tongue out, continued. "Walked quietly right up behind him and read over his shoulder. She saw your name on the paper, and then she skimmed the page quickly and saw the words ‘your secret admirer’ written at the bottom."

 "I accidentally gasped and scared the crap outta him. He looked over his shoulder at me then quickly covered the paper. I said, ‘so you’re Nyx’s secret admirer.’ And he said, ‘what of it.’" Koru said flicking her long light brown hair out of her eyes.

 "I swear her eyes were glinting madly. I watched this all go on and I busted out laughing when Koru scared him shitless. I was still laughing when I asked him why he wouldn’t tell you who he was. And he was like I don’t have to tell you. I finally stopped laughing long enough to scoff at him and tell him he was an idiot." Jennifer was ginning again as she remember the horrified/scared look on Lakota’s face when he saw it was Koru looking over his shoulder.

 "So what did he say after that?" Nyx asked amazed and slightly amused.

 "He said, ‘you won’t tell her will you?" and I said nope not at all but I had my fingers crossed behind my back. So then we left and we ran as fast as we could to find you and tell you." Jennifer finished and pulled her chin length black hair up off her neck to cool herself down.

 "So what are you gonna do, Nyx?" Koru asked anxiously.

 Nyx thought for a few moments, contemplating whether or not she would confront her long time crush. Finally she spoke, "I’m gonna talk to him during study hall tomorrow."

 "What will you say?" Jennifer asked, echoing Nyx’s own thoughts.

 "I guess I’ll find out when the time comes." Nyx answered, thoroughly at a loss as to what to say to confront her secret admirer.

 The three girls fell into a companionable silence as they finished the final leg of their journey home together. At the intersection the girls parted ways waving good-bye to one another. Each of them was drowning in their own thoughts that night as they readied themselves for bed. One in particular had trouble falling asleep as she thought of ways to confess her feelings to her secret admirer. Finally, though, exhaustion took over and she plummeted head first into a dreamless sleep.


 The next morning, Nyx woke up refreshed and ready to confront Lakota. She chose her outfit carefully. Slipping into her favorite black jeans that clung to her slender hips, she thought about what shirt to wear. Finally she chose her good black tank with neon green skulls running across her chest. It was a good idea because it hugged her upper body, showed a line of creamy pale skin above her jeans, and pronounced her prominent bust. She carefully put on her make-up and grabbed her black zip up hoodie and bag and rushed out the door to meet up with her friends to walk to school.

 Nyx suffered through four long periods of class before she had her Study Hall with a certain long, dark haired junior who happened to be her secret admirer. When she entered the cafeteria she sat not at her usual spot of two tables away with her back to Lakota’s seat but one table away facing it. She waited for Lakota to come, but pretended she was busy with some unfinished homework.

 When he came in and sat down at his usual spot, Lakota was surprised to find the girl of his dreams sitting in a different location. Not just any new location but closer to himself.

 Nyx took a chance and glanced up and unintentionally met his eyes. Light gray gazed into dark chocolate brown for what seemed like forever, but was only a few seconds, until Nyx looked back down. She was blushing slightly and he took note of it. Lakota had made sure his face portrayed nothing but genuine curiosity during the little exchange.

 Nyx grabbed a new sheet of paper and wrote a little not to Lakota. When she finished, she folded it up and flicked it so that it landed right in front of him. She kept her head down and tried to concentrate on her homework as he opened the note and read it a couple times.

I hear you’re my secret admirer. Is it true?

 When he finished reading it for the fourth time in amazement, he wrote back. Quickly looking around for a teacher her tossed it back at Nyx. She snatched it up and read it.

Who’d you hear that from?

Nyx smiled as she wrote:

 From my best friends, Koru and Jennifer.

Why didn’t you just tell me?

She flicked it back at Lakota and it landed in his lap. He read it and answered quickly.

Because I was afraid.

 Lakota gave it back and watched as Nyx’s eyes widened a little as she read his reply. Then she wrote another question and threw the note back.

Afraid of what? 

 Lakota sighed. He had hoped she wouldn’t ask him that but he didn’t get his way. So he replied truthfully:

 Of your rejection. 

After Nyx read Lakota’s reply her head snapped up and she stared at him in bewilderment. Lakota’s look of calmness was replaced by one of confusion as he met her gaze and that look was replaced by a look to rival Nyx’s own bewildered expression as he read what she wrote.

Lakota why would you think that. I could never reject you. 

You don’t know how long I’ve wished that you would

acknowledge me in the slightest.

Lakota wrote so fast, one might think the paper would burn up from the friction. He watched Nyx’s expression carefully as she read his reply.

Nyx, who put you up to this? 

Was it Ed?

Nyx’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. And when she flicked the note back to Lakota so did his.

You think I'm lying? For over six months you've been

giving me notes claiming to know me and yet you have the

gall to accuse me of lying, which is something I never do.

Lakota paused for a moment letting the new info sink in, and then he wrote:

So all you’ve said is true?

Nyx smiled at the question. Then wrote quickly.

Yes. But I have one question.

Lakota was wary but decided to answer any question she had.


Nyx wrote quickly before her resolve vanished and flicked the note back quickly.

Why is it you chose to be my secret admirer?

There’s nothing special about me.

Lakota couldn’t stop the chuckle that escaped him. The sound low and deep in his chest. At the noise, Nyx’s head snapped up so quickly it cracked.

You really don’t know, do you?

 A very confused Nyx wrote, while rubbing her neck:

 Know what?

Lakota chuckled again. Shaking his head he wrote down what every guy he had asked had said about Nyx.

That almost every guy in this school knows who you are and

every guy I’ve asked said that you were hott.

 The look on Nyx’s face when she read the note was priceless. ‘Twas a mixture of disbelief, horror, embarrassment, and relief.

 But is that what you really think.

 Lakota’s smile made Nyx wonder about what he thought of her. 

 That and more.

Nyx smiled and blushed a pretty pink as she wrote back.


Lakota chuckled once again and Nyx savored the sound.

Of course. Now I have a question for you.

 Nyx paled and wrote:

Uh-oh. What? 

Lakota smiled and shook his head. 

Isn’t it obvious?

Will you go out with me?

Nyx’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Closing her jaw, she knew the answer already.

Yes. But I have one thing left to say.

Lakota looked puzzled when he wrote back.


 Nyx got the note but before she could write back the bell rang. She gathered up her stuff and walked to Lakota’s side.

  "What is it you want to say?" he asked when Nyx gave no sign that she was going to say anything. 

 Nyx grinned devilishly and stopped. Lakota stopped too and turned towards his new girl. But before he could say anything, Nyx stood on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the lips to stop his flow of words. 

 When she pulled back, Nyx was grinning devilishly again. Then she said, "It took my friends and I six months to find out who you were. But…" Nyx kissed a shocked Lakota again. "Finally…. 

 "I found you my secret admirer."


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