R e s u r r e c t i o n; Break Of Dawn

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Short Novel Stories Of A Demon Named 'Crises Dawn'.

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



The darkness was pure and the blood thristy screams were music to her ears. Tightening her velvet hands within a ball, her muscels flexed a bit. Her wrist were bound in shackles and her ankles the same. There was no room to escape the pits of hell but why would she want to escape in the first place? In her mind it was just the same as that pittyful realm called 'Earth'. It was slowly decaying in the rot; Humans. It was only a matter of time before it was annihilated along with those filfty creatures. In the midst of her silent meditation a moist sigh ran down her neck, the heat of it turning her skin pale with color. The snarling hissed in her ear and drops of gooey, wetness dripped upon her shoulder. Lets not mention the smell, it was disgusting. A sudden snap rung in her ear, barking and growling. A smirk played a dance upon her dry and cracked lips, though she wasn't quiet pleased that she was broke from her chain of thoughts. "Bad Do-" Before she could finish the mutt bit into the side of her neck, the pure white blood gushing and splashing out into the pit walls and the mutts face. A chatoic laugher sprung from her lips as she embraced the pain and slowly allowed the mutt to feast on her flesh, it was cold and bitter. Her laughter changed into a lung torched cough and her smirk slowly fade along with the being. The mutt was sastisfied and snarled away into the fire of hell, to it's master Nova Kane. 

"Good dog." Nova gave a few rough pets to the mutt and began to walk away to into the stairs of the coliseum like structure. As he made his way down to the mass call, his precious little mutt trotted along behind him. As Nova got to the middle of the post he stood and waited as others started to gather around with their 'posse'. It was a total of nine lords there: Rai Vayne. The prince next in throne behind Lucifer himself. He was also Crises older brother and Nova biggest underground competition. Kenji Vayne. The counsin of Rai and therefor Crises as well. He was the party type and didn't really care about the ruling of earth. Women, Drugs and Blood was all he ever wanted. He was a huge annoyace to everyone. Setsuna Suicide. The name spoke for itself. She was the keeper of all lost souls. Lost love, lost hope - She was the queen of all sorrow and pain itself. Very cold. Mara MacNamara. Satans little play toy. She was pure lust bound in 'Human' form and not one to be taken lightly. Lucifers guilty pleasure. Orion. Possibly the most strongest out the group. Maybe even stronger then Luicifer himself. He's quiet but very deadly, he keeps his thoughts to himself and there's a damn good reason for that. Cain Venturi. His strength matches his Ego. He's very strong and very hard headed, always wanting to do things his way or no way at all. Fortunato.The prince of all demons. He's simply a mad dog on the leash. He's a blood lust animal. Maura. The sister to Fortunato. She's slaughter number one fan. The moment she gets it she'll gut you like a fish. Nuff said. And Last but certainly not lease Nova Kane. Luicifer right hand man. So loyal and handles Luicifer every dispute.

The meeting proceeded. As all the lords gathered around, they awaited to hear from luicifer. All glaring at each other in one way or another. Each despised each other and some just lusted for anothers form, either way they were all sadistic souls. Now although they all worked under Lucifer, he wasn't stupid. He never came to the meeting in his form, only in spirit. For he knew the moment he was to show his form he'd get attacked, for all yearned for his powers. "Master, Crises has been taken care of and should no longer be of a problem for us.." Nova voice was strong and sharp but not as stong and deep as luicifers. The bass in his voice was terrifying. Now in Nova eyes he believe that the death of Crises would be great news to that of all, but in return he got hissed and snarled at by all the other lords. " Who are you to make decision on your own!" Hissed Rai. His form in defense as if he was ready to pounce. " Yea! Who said you could have all the fun, Nova?!" Chuckled Maura under her breathe. " Yes, Who told you to do such a thing. Hmm..Nova?" The demoness Mara said seductivly as she made her way to Nova. Brushing her hand gently across his cheek and then smacking him with force. Causing Nova to turn his head and touch that of his own face that stung a bit. Though he wouldn't dare lay a hand on her, being that she was owned by the boss. "SILENCE!" Roared the voice from above. The stadium shook and small debree fell from the stones. "Nova, I've never ordered you to execute Crises!" Nova cut in. "But I though --" Luicifer progressed. " Well you thought wrong! Nova..One more fucked up Thought of yours come to play, without my consent. I'll kill you myself!" Nova's voice was soft and resentful. "Yes, Master." And the meeting was over as all the others chuckle and smirked to his wrong turn. Everyone vanished. 

Days in hell were like years on earth. Minutes were months and seconds were hours. About four days passed in the gates of hell and as usual Nova mutt was out doing what it does best - Eating. It laid within the coliseum in front of the gates of hell. As it's sharp, ragged teeth tore through flesh it began to whince and shake its head. A cold, weird feeling began to come over it and it's eyes began to glow a bright, pure white. It stood up and started to run around, banging it's head againt the hard stone making small pebbles and dust fall from the struture. White blood began to spew from his mouth, eyes and ears as it howled out in pure and utter pain before it simply exploded. Guts and blood splashed every where and the gates of hell shook from the impact. Nova heard the cry of his dog and rushed to see what was happening and he couldn't believe his eyes. Within the bath of blood rested Crises Dawn. Bounded in rope that the mutt was covered in, her angelic like wings sprouting from her back. Rotating her neck around she gave a soft chuckle. Nova, hid behind a column of stone and watch from a distance. Wondering how this could of ever happened. Crises sat there at the gates of hell, awaiting for them to be open, her bright glwoing eyes pulsing her aura out as it radiated through the whole coliseum. The tempatures dropped well below -30 degrees and her breathe was visible as she whispered something so simple and innocent, yet so terrifying."I'm back.." Her sing-song voice was intimidating to Nova as he now ran up the stairs to warn the other lords. Hearing him flee made her laugh out in a cold and spine twisting manner. Her demeanor had changed and she was no longer held within luicifers grasp. She had Resurrected and soon her reign of terror would began. Crises Dawn was Reborn. 

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