Can I Trust The World?

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Living in a world filled with all the catastrophe has gotten worst over the years. People nowadays hunger for money, wealth and prosperity through doing crimes and sorts.

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



Currently a news update reported about the Bombing in Boston. This brought fear to the citizens of Boston as they had not noticed that such thing would happen. Another is the horrifying nuclear missile of Korea which threatens the whole country including Philippines. These are some of the major news being reported lately on every shows, articles and etc.

No doubt that as the years go by, crimes are starting to increase and people are getting themselves almost paranoid to the current situation. Kidnapping, hold ups, robbery, rape and etc. these sorts are the cause of the fear implanted on each mankind. Leading to the question \"can we trust the world?\".

I myself wouldn't deny the fact that I belong to the percentage of people who fear the world. Sometimes I get paranoid upon thinking why does it happen? I remember my mom who would scold me for traveling home 8 in the night. Who would ever thought that 8pm is late for a worry some mother? But I guess that's just it.

Yes, the world really is a living catastrophe but let's Always keep in mind some safety tips and most of all trust our fate with God to keep us in surviving this doubtful world called Earth.

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