Erza Scarlett

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~ a strong woman with a soft heart

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



a woman in armor

skillful and strong

her eyes that fears the enemies

shows no mercy


She's peculiar and wise

faster than a mice

 beautiful and elegant

strong and dignant

That's what popped in my mind as I see the picture of my beautiful and strong willed ERZA SCARLET. A character in one of the anime series FAIRYTALE. She is known to strong, intelligent,skillful and unpredictable. She's every man's dream bacause of the beauty she possess foremost a talented one. But behind the fearful face of justice, remains her soft unspoken feelings. Her heart that belongs to none ...except JELLAL FERNANDEZ. Her childhood friend and at the same time her only man that she seldom shows her true affections. Amidst the sins he had comiteed, Erza still forgives him and still show signs of weaknesses whenever she's around him, or vice versa. What seems to bestrong is only the physical aspect of her existence. What lies behind is her deep convention and soft heart that glitters  even more thab the stars in the night. Her hair is just as dark as the passionate red that resembles something about her. SHE NEEDS CARE..SHE NEEDS ..LOVE! 

In the anime series, she slowly shows her deeper side and becomes womanly. Sometimes funny even if her face shows seriousness, she is undeniably kind and willful. This woman inspires me the most. again, her name is ERZA SCARLET :)

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