Without you

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What will you do when you found out the truth?

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



Sitting by the window watching as the skies truly darkened and my eyes staring at every droplets of the rain. It seems that this has brought me to reminisce a situation like this 8 years ago. That 8years is when my dad took his bag and stood at the door. Before he set foot outside , he kissed my forehead and wiped away the falling tears flowing from my eyes. I hate it when he said \" I'll come back dear. I will Tara, my daughter .\"

\"Why'd you have to leave Papa? Did I do something wrong? I promise Papa, i will do good in my studies and lessen my ill mannerliness. \" I was just 9 years old that time but didn't understand why'd he have to leave? With just a smile and his powerful hug, it soothed me. He whispered words that he only knows would stop me from crying. He gave his favorite necklace with a pendant of crucifix. He then went and fade though it was raining.

\"Tara! Stop staring at the window. Why don't you help us in preparing the foods.\" My ever blabby mouthed mother said. I went to the kitchen and did her command. It always has been this way. Mom and I are always not in good terms.\"

Tomorrow came and it's the day where we\"ll be getting our grades. Jake, my best friend whose always been there for me, was standing outside my classroom to wait for me. The bell rang, ringing to say that it's lunch time. I was about to get off when a pull in my arms pulled me back.

\"What's wrong with you,Mich?\" I asked angrily.

\" why do you have to ditched around Jake, you bitch? Don't you know? People are settling rumors that you and jake are dating!\" Bitchy Mich said with his other two friend behind her. I know she's been harboring feelings for Jake and secretly I do. But I wouldn't care. Jake never liked her and maybe she's angry about that. Thinking that I'm influencing Jake's decisions.

\"I'm not a bitch but you actually. And I don't care about the rumors. Now the hell I care what's up between the two if you. I'm just a nobody. Okay? Excuse me.\" I took my leave but she pull me back and started to pull my hair. It went to rumble. Jake helped me by protecting me. The principal saw us and this means trouble.

Both our parents were called. Of course, her drama would be believable since she was doing the crying stuff and I was just looking like a tiger ready to eat it's prey. After the talked it was agreed that we\"ll be doing community service. I could sense the anger feeling of my mom. When we get out from the room Jake came near but my mom dragged me away. We came home and this time I can smell the ranging anger in mom's brown eyes.

\"What's wrong with you?

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