Dear Puppet Master

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A poem that I wrote in the throes of inspiration. Drama has a way with words.

Submitted: June 26, 2009

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Submitted: June 26, 2009



Dear puppet master

Won’t you pull on my strings?

Make me succumb to your superior will?

Won’t you give me a reason?

The want to please your every request?

This is after all my only purpose

For your use, you summon

Your careless wave of dismissal when you are no longer entertained

Your absence when I am no longer needed

Favours I do when asked with charm

Your manipulations I overlook

Never once considerate


You only know sorrow and feel only pain

Yet you thrive in gain

By inflicting sorrow and pain on your puppets

You’ve never genuinely loved

Without a gain

Which is no love at all

You are bullied by your tarnished thoughts

While your past is your excuse

To never relinquish control


Your knowledge genuine?

How very ignorant you must be

It does not matter how I feel

It never did

Your apologies never heartfelt

Every word spoken a lie

If not, then a twisted truth


Drama is your fuel

It is your playground of control

Mind games you play with your puppets

When you forget they’re your allies

But you remain careless

Your stubborn nature will always have you

Right where it wants you


Because I’ve had the courage

To break from your strings

Oh dear puppet master

And not respond to your every whim

You accuse me of arrogance

Rudeness and self-assuredness

You will not destroy what I have built

With rubbish that you spill


The strings have left marks upon me

Tired of being controlled for so long

I will not eat the bait

Nor bite the bullet

I will not feed you that satisfaction

Nor the drama you so crave

But I know that you’ll never starve

Because in the end

You will feed on yourself

But one thing remains certain

Dear boy

You no longer have a hold on me


© Copyright 2017 Midriffkitty. All rights reserved.

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