Maybe For You

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My most personal poetry. He inspires me. My heart only gets in the way.

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



You leave my presence

And I already long to see you again

You don’t see my look of disappointment

When you turn to leave… ignorant of my feelings

I don’t have the courage

To tell you to wait for a moment

To tell you that my heart yearns for you


Our minds are one

I begin a thought and you finish it

We plot the same things

We laugh even when comedy is not there

I can see right through you

Even when you believe to be immune to exposure

I know what you say even with only your facial expressions

The look in your eyes tell me so much

The melodies that we sing together

There’s no greater feeling than singing by your side

My voice flourishes when you’re by my side


People accuse me of being with you

How I wish I really gave them something to speak about

How I wish what they accused me of was actually true

You and me

The image in my head is flawless


We were intimate once

My eyes closed to savour your taste

Your hands on me

Struck a shiver through my being

I still remember

I am not ashamed


I relate to your feelings

I’ve complimented your qualities and your flaws

I love them all

You’re not perfect

But I like you that way

Don’t ever change

For you would not be

The wonderful man that I know

You are amazing


It’s overrated

I’ve debated if it’s to be merely infatuation

My feelings tell me a different story

It is not merely my heart that speaks but my mind also

You consume my mind

Every corner I turn to

Every scene I cross

Every word that I say

Reminds me of you

I am smart enough to know

That this is not infatuation


I might not trust others

But I do trust you

And that should be enough for you

I am not perfect

But things are more interesting that way


But you don’t believe in love

You’re afraid to commit

Why don’t you try it with me

It just might put your fears at rest

You might discover

That I don’t expect anything from you

I am the most open-minded person that you know

I have so much to offer you

Take a chance, take the risk

Take me

I love you

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