Dead. And. Gone.

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When the heart breaks.

Submitted: June 21, 2011

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Submitted: June 21, 2011



The clocks ticking as I wait for your phone call. The phone rings, I pick it up swiftly and listen to your sweet voice.  It's been a year since we've parted and all I want to do is wrap your arms around me and forget the world and all the pain it's caused us. I guess All the sneaking around paid off because here I am staring into those breathe-taking warm brown eyes - I can't help but notice.  Your hairs grown since the last time we met, if possible, you looked flawless and breathtaking. Lost in a daze I didn't realise your were coming closer. Breaking me out of the daydream.... You whispered in a rough yet spine shivering sensational voice and asked If you could hold my hand. I obeyed without resistance and you held my hand and brought me close to your muscular body and said that I looked beautiful... I blushed and looked down and he took my cheeks in his hand and said don't be shy. I closed my eyes wishing this moment could last for a lifetime. You pull me down to sit on your lap whilst holding my hand, as if I was going to disappear with a second. We spoke, we laughed, we reminisced all those lost memories, and we cried, cried so much that my chest aches with all the pain swallowing up my last hope and happiness - love  just doesn't last. The moment we diverged I felt a bliss of vivacity that was worth everything I did to be with you... Yet this pang of worry thrived right past me and I chose to ignore for the better ... Guess that was a mistake which is forever tattooed onto my heart - it will never vanish. I pray to god that this arrow that's stuck in my heart will be forsaken.. Then I would have some sort of relief. If heartache is physical pain I can take it but it messes with the mind and drives me insane like slow knife drawing nearer to my heart while I try and hold onto you and never let go - my only way of coping. Guess we knew that something might happen in the future to prevent me from giving every last bit of my heart to you but now it's shattered and every piece is Dead. And. Gone. 

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