Night Rock Sting

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The year is 1989 and recent reports of man wearing a wolf mask has been going around and killing the powerful Chinese Mafia. Night Rock Sting is now a name well known in the community's of San Francisco. The only advice he is given is the location of the Chinese Mafia leaders mansion. Only told to him by mysterious phone calls.

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Night Rock Sting strikes again! four words printed in the newspapers for today's top headline. Eye grabbing to anyone passing the news stands. The story goes in depth about the latest actions of a masked individual code named Night Rock Sting (NRS). NRS has became a big name for himself these past few weeks. NRS has only been attacking Chinese gangsters in the heart of San Francisco. The reason of attacking Chinese gangsters is unknown. But police have stated saying if anyone has eye witnessed reports of a man with a wolf mask, they must report the sightings to the police for investigation. The police say any info will help them to find the murderer known as NRS.

Alone in his apartment, the ringing of a tan phone can be heard from afar. A man walks out of his bedroom to the living room where he answers the phone.

"There is a party going on, and you're invited to come and celebrate Chinese New Year, the address is 415-227-0114. 74 Mission Rock Street. Don't be late." The caller hangs up and the man walks over to the couch and grabs a bloody wolf mask and a baseball bat. He grabs a bullet proof vest and gloves. The last thing he puts on is a leather jacket with the words Night Rock Sting written on the back. NRS heads for his car to begin this crazy night.

Night Rock Sting arrives to the location. He see's a big mansion with strobe lights of variant colors shoot out from the windows. NRS walks to the front door and knocks out 2 guards with no threat. NRS kicks down the door and begins to beat up Chinese henchmen. NRS seems to let out his anger towards the Chinese henchmen. He bashes the heads of all the henchmen with no remorse. His bat is covered with the bits of brain and blood of Chinese henchmen.

The party was a secret gathering of the Chinese Mafia to plan out a all out attack against the Irish mafia to end there bloody gang war. The Irish Mob has controlled the coke game of San Francisco for more than 3 years now. Slowly killing off the Chinese Mafia. The Chinese Mafia leader Chin Tu-Ling sits in the backroom of the mansion, with 3 guards and all of them are taking in a new drug invented by them, to overtake the Irish Mafia's reign on the drug trade. This drug is highly addictive and makes the user hallucinate and go into a crazed state. They are excited for there big come back to the Irish. The drug seems like a perfect way to celebrate. For this one night, NRS can kill Chin Tu-Ling and end the Chinese Mafia. But who called NRS to attack this location? How did this caller know the location? How did the caller get NRS phone number?

Night Rock Sting finishes the goons in the main lobby, pool area, and spare bedrooms with ease. With one baseball bat and silenced guns picked up after the Chinese henchmens, NRS killed over 30 Chinese Mafia Members. Only one last room remains, Chin Tu-Ling's room.

NRS kicks down the double doors and raises his ak-47 to Chin Tu-Ling. But NRS looks around the room, only to see the three guards stabbed with guts and intestines pulled apart from the stomach area onto the floor. Chin Tu-Ling, on his knee's in the middle of the floor screaming and scratching his cheeks without no control. He pauses and begins to speak in a scratched voice and says "why........why does he haunt me, scares me, and torture's me. He tells me the future but does not tell me how I will die. We all have to die one day. I guess he he wanted to see me crumble. He wanted to make me see my own demise. How could I be so st-" With one pull of the trigger, Chin Tu-Ling's brain is splattered on the floor and wall. NRS walks over to the bed where a bag filled with the Chinese drug layed. NRS takes the bag either he sees it as a reward or out of obligation. NRS returns home with the bag filled with drugs and a strong desire to rest. But before he can shower and rest he gets a phone call again.

"NRS you have done another great job, did you have fun? I know you love your Chinese food. Anyway enjoy a gift from us tomorrow morning." NRS hangs up and heads into a shower then rests.

The next morning NRS is awoken by hard banging on the door to his apartment. He hears a man scream "Police OPEN UP!" NRS with no other choice opens the door with his hands up and is arrested. The trial of NRS deems him guilty and NRS is now under a interrogation with a young detective. There is a phone on the table, unable for outside callers to call this phone. the detective talks and talks but Night Rock Sting does not speak a single word to the detective. Suddenly NRS hears the phone ring. The detective hears nothing.

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