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As war rages between heaven and hell, Lucifer finally meets his match, the mighty knight of the Gods, Mightalius.

Submitted: March 29, 2012

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Submitted: March 29, 2012




by Devo


His heavy and sluggish steps trembled the very core of the underworld. Their nemesis had arrived. It was time.

The demon guards at the gate did not hesitate to flee for the gates were about to feel the wrath of the gauntlet of Zorohan.

Hell resounded with a deafening sound as the thousand feet high golden gate to hell: forged in the mountains of a thousand crystals and bound by the most ancient of dark magic was smashed wide open with no resistance. The demon army ran amok before his sheer power. With every defense broken, his army wiped clean, Lucifer had no choice but to face him.

Mightalius spoke: “ Lucifer! FACE your FATE!”, and with tremendous power he swung his diamond Ethlisian hammer and crushed the floor below him, shaking the very foundation of hell, challenging the prince of darkness to the final duel.

Lucifer’s anger knew no bounds, hell burned with fury.

“He dare comes to my lair and challenge me?”; Lucifer fumed.

But something was amiss, he felt a weird sensation in the pit of his stomach, something he felt ages ago, he did not know what it was, for he had forgotten to feel. It bothered him.

Mightalius smashed open the gate to Lucifer's lair.

The mighty Knight stood before Lucifer with all his might, a blinding aura around his head, his brilliant hair and beard sprawled in all its white silky splendor, his armor glistening with the mightiest of powers that it was blessed with.

As he stood before the mighty knight of the gods, Lucifer realised that it was his end that stood before him. Mightalius reminded him of himself: strong, arms ready for attack and enraged to the brim. 

He now knew what was bothering him. It was a feeling he felt thousands of years ago when he fell from heaven.

He was afraid.

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