The Night (Part 1)

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Part 2 aka the conclusion will be put up soon. Enjoy.

Submitted: November 24, 2013

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Submitted: November 24, 2013



So there we are. Gin in us. Feeling the 'night'. The song is irrelevant. The time, even less important.


“Tonight's the night” - I hear a drunkard scream


Then after meaningless chit-chat, I see her. There she is. Beauty personified.

She walked over, introduces herself and says if I mind getting her a drink.


“No. But it'll cost you” - I said with a wink.


“Fine by me” - She replies without a moment's notice.


Exchanging pleasantries wasn't a problem, after all talking is an easy skill. Keeping her attention was not that difficult either. Couple of stories about Portugal and I can tell its on.


So on.


“Hey, its really loud here, do you wanna go somewhere a bit more quiet?”


“Good idea. Come back to my house” - She says.


Even the taxi driver knows its on.


So we arrive, going at each other like animals.


“Oh yeah, I got something to say before we do anything!”


She has a crazed look in her eyes.


She into freaky shit?


She is about to say she is married?


She has 4 kids asleep next door looking for a father?



“I practise and do voodoo”


Oh. Fuck.


What to do?

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