Isabella's diary

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is fiction, its about a girl who gets kidnaped 2 houses away from her house, this is where she pours her heart and soul out to her Diary

Table of Contents

Date- I have no clue, year-still 2009 Dear Diana Diary; I hear the men talking all the time, it scares me. I want to go home, I r... Read Chapter

Date-? year-2009 Dear Diana Diary; Valarie has become like my sister, I love her. I got a good look at these men, one is tall wit... Read Chapter

Date- Unkown. Year-Dont care. Dear Diana Diary; Im so scared I'm shaking, every part of me feels black, it feels as if I should j... Read Chapter

day- I dont know, year-2009 Dear Diary; I think the strange people are planning on leaving today, I think there going to leave me... Read Chapter

Day- ? year- 2009 Dear Diana; Im laying here in a bush, about 1 hour away from the big house, Valarie is here with me, we made it... Read Chapter

Date-? Year- 2009 Dear Diary; I am here, in the Scottsdale police station, with little Valarie by my side. I ran to a house and c... Read Chapter

date- Januray 12, year- 2010 Dear Diary; Im finally home, its being a while but Im home. ; My mom arrived at the cop station ... Read Chapter