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this is about one of my freinds and how pear pressure changed her from a christian to a drug attict and her regret.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



the feel of regret is the only remain,

and i feel so upset, its so hard to explain.

i feel somehow used through getting this far,

and somehow abused through the clear and the dark.

what has reminded me of this confussion,

a genetic yet theorectic explosion.

look at these poeple as they sit here blank faced,

i feel it is a tournament that has long been raced.

these roses around me, they stab me with thorns,

all these pepole surrounding, they just sit there in thought.

but i guess i deserved it, no-matter how small,

because what comes around goes around, and it will come around once more.

i now not regret for it is too late,

to late to face my only 'true' fate.

i hope i can stand up and be somehow tall,

because no-matter what i shall never be small.


written by Tamika Marshall

© Copyright 2019 Miika. All rights reserved.

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