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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Old fairy tale. About honesty and how life isn't always fair.
Does truth always guide you to justice? Question yourself.
Can you live without hating the people who deceives you?

Submitted: October 03, 2013

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Submitted: October 03, 2013



Once upon a time.

There was an incredibly honest youth, people always bullied and took advantage of this incredibly honest youth and eventually they took his house and fields that youth had earned. But the youth never held a grudge against them. The youth fell ill and without any medicine or shelter for him to stay at, the youth just lay on the hill in the outcasted forest by his village. And just waited for his death.

God saw the youth and came down to earth and said to the youth. "Youth, we praise you and your heart, which does not hate though you've lost everything. So we grant you a treasure." Youth received nine treasures from god.

a glass bottle full of the divine that would cure any disease in an instant, a miraculous balance that gushed forth unending gold, utopia anyone would hope for and so on.

The youth lived happily as no one could be mean to him anymore, since he lived in a castle no one could go near.

Thieves, bandits and bullies couldn't reach it and they all gave up and left. But then, a liar showed up. The liar skilfully cajoled the youth and successfully lured him into coming down with the treasures.

then the liar killed the youth, and stole the treasures. All nine of them. After few years, the treasures were placed in nine different island. Defended by nine spirits that pitied the youth. 

No one knows what happened to the youths dead body or the liar that killed the youth.

and no one seems to know where those who looked for the treasures went either, no one knows. And I believe it's the safest to not to find out about it, may be its bound to stay in the dark.

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