Ending a Relationship

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I have been having a sort of relationship with this girl and u don't want to be with her. This is just my feelings on it.

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012



Why do I have this burning desire?

The one that rages worse than fire.

You say you love me, girl, you are a liar.

You're here to drop me, after pulling me higher.

You must think you're an umpire,

Because I am your puppet attached to a wire.

I don't worship you, your not the messiah.

Move on, look for a new buyer! My situation is not so dire

That I need you, I'm just a third tire.

Your not the one I crave for,

Yet here I am, standing at your door.

Will we be like this forever more?

I can't cope, my heart is too sore.

Iwant to leave, to go to a new shore,

Alas I cannot for I am to poor.

I don't want this to be war,

But your nothing but a whore!

This feeling is burning into my core,

I don't want you, I don't love you, or...

Okay so maybe I do!

Are you gonna take me to court to sue?

I know you wouldn't, you're stuck to me like glue.

Arg! Why do I keep going back to you?

Ha! Here you are right on cue.

I need to tell you now just to shoo,

We need our space, to start anew.

Listen to your heart, you know it to be true!

God knows that I don't want too,

But we need to move on, but to who?

There we go, I have conquered my fear,

But I hate it now, I want you here.

I miss your voice singing in my ear,

But I know it was right to leave you my dear.

If we went on longer the pain would be more severe.

I should want to cheer, But my reflection wants to leer.

I will drown this sorrow in an ice cold beer.

You knew the end was near,

From the start our fate was clear...

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