Trapped in College

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I had a dream this happened to me so I thought I would make it into a short story. If you like the start then I will carry it on a little more.

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



My footsteps echo along the empty hallway. I don’t usually stay at college this late but I had to finish my research. I was researching about World War 2 in the library. Me and the Liberian are good friends so she lets me lock up at the end of the night. It’s a good working relationship, she gets an early night and I get some extra time in the library. I had told the cleaners – a forgetful bunch of elderly ladies – I would be out of college by about 10 O’clock. It was now 11. Oh well, they would have heard me skittering about, looking for books and typing up my newfound knowledge.

Ah the door at last. It’s a large door with thick glass windows. I push the door as I have done so many a times before. It didn’t move. I push again; still no movement. My heart begins to race. Have they locked me in? I take a deep breath to calm, my nerves. The last place they would have locked would be the back door. That is the door most of the staff use to keep away from the pupils. I begin my trek to the back door at a brisk pace. The hallways mocking me as I practically jog through them, cutting through the cold dark air. I wouldn’t be so afraid if the lights were on.

I turn the last corner and see the back door. It’s smaller than the front door but still has thick glass windows in it. I run to the door and dive into it. Thud! It hit the door then hit the deck. It’s locked. I’m locked in my college with nothing but a library key. I take another deep breath; my nerves are beginning to get the better of me. I force myself to think straight. Ah, my mobile phone. I rummage through my pocket and find my I-phone; the cracked screen smiling at me. Damn no signal, I never get signal in this school. I can’t even make an emergency call!

I sigh and start to walk back to the library; it has to be less creepy than standing in the corridors. I get a sudden feeling I am being watched. Unseen eyes bring holes into me, analysing me, stalking me. I look in all directions trying to find my follower. Nobody is around. A loud buzzing sound vibrates through the air, shaking the walls and my heart. I stop dead in the middle of the hallway, rooted to the spot out of fear. A flicker and more buzzing as the lights burn to life, extinguishing my fears.

 “It’s just the lights.” I say to myself laughing quietly at my stupidity. Then it hits me like a train. “The lights can only be turned on at the office!” I begin to run in the direction of the main office at the front of the building. “Hey, I’m still in here. I’m over here!” I shout to my saviour. I stop again; the air holding me back. Nobody would be back in the college until the morning. That means someone has either gotten locked in or – oh god – broken in! If they have broken in, odds are they won’t want me to blab to the police. Odds are they would have to ‘take care of me’. Oh god, they know where I am too.

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