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My advice for all girls experiencing that boyfriend drama.

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007




An inspirational story for all girls who have that "Boyfriend" trouble.

In grade 6, I convinced myself I wanted a boyfriend. All my friends did, so I decided I did too. I never really knew how it all worked though. If someone asked you out, what would you do? Did you just say yes? Did you crush them with a no? Or did you play Hard-To-Get and say you'll think about it? I didnt know.

Suddenly, in mid May to April, my good friends started telling me some guy liked me. The next day they'd tell me about another one, and another, and another. I had a whole pile of Cupid-Struck kids. It was funny though, because I've always thought I was ugly, and fat, and a loser.

I had known these guys liked me for over three weeks when, all in five days, they started asking me out. Every single one, like it was planned. The first one was fairly easy to reject. Though he was a good friend, I didnt think about how it'd make him feel. The second tried to ask but I ran away, again without being sympathetic. But the third...this guy was hard to put down. He's really funny and smart, and I considered him a good friend of mine. He was my "Business partner" for our class movie, and he sat right behind me.

I was sure I was the first girl he had ever asked out...he had inquired me how to tell a girl he liked her a few days before. I told him he should tell this girl what was in his heart. So he did. He told me he had muscles and vitamins and blood...quite like him. I flipped. I told my friends and him I had homework, shut the computer down, ran upstairs and cried.

I cant explain how scared and confused I was. It made me realize I really didnt want a boyfriend. I didnt. It was too scary and serious for me. My personality didnt fit it at the time. I called my mom and cried all my emotions out with her comforting voice on the other side. She would talk to me when she got home.

Still, I cried. My face was all puffy and red. I felt as though I could never have a normal relationship with a boy. They would all fall for me. And deep down, I didnt like it. I hated it. I really didnt want the attention. It made me want to play sick, move schools, even move provinces. Because I reject them, I could never talk to them just like a friend, like before. Talking to them after I'd say no was like talking to that kid that always sits away from you, unfamiliar. You dont even know his name.

You have a different view of people after they have expressed their feelings, negative or positive. You question and wonder if they really meant what they said, if it was the heat of the moment (in a negative situation) or they're just desperate kids who want the fame that having a girlfriend seems to give you (in a positive situation).

And even if you dont like these boys, they are the ones you truly want to look pretty for, because you know they have a picture in their mind of you throughout the day.

Thinking about that makes it harder to reject. If they like you, and you cant return the feeling, they will spend their nights crying because they cant have you.

But honestly, dont you think they will spend their days and nights crying, because they found out you had lied and pretended to feel the same way all along?

If the boy really likes you for whats inside, then he will understand.

I always hear that Daughtry song on the radio, called "Home". I really like the one part of the song, in the chorus. It reminds me of my situation and how much I connect to it.

"Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it all."

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