Love Is a Masquerade

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The story is about a girl, who is engaged, but falls for a vampire at a masquerade ball and ends up in terror and danger in order to be with the one she loves.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




Love Is a Masquerade


That night we went to the masquerade ball in Coventry. Everyone wore different masks to go with their big dresses and high top hats and I wore a light blue gown with a white lace mask that matched with my blue sapphire eyes. Mother insisted I danced with my dear cousin Mr Bingley that we are engaged to be married, to my mother’s wishes. We danced and moved gracefully across the dance floor, when I saw an elegant, but mysterious man looking through his black mask right at me. As we finished the waltz the man walked through the ballroom and disappeared in the crowd. I thought about following him, but decided not to. My cousin went to enjoy himself with the other gentlemen, so I walked with mother into the tea parlour, which was really beautiful, but too dull for my taste with all the women with their perpetual stories and vexing chatter. I walked back into the ballroom and went over to sit down with all the ladies sitting with their fans, looking all key and superior, and all they could talk about was the ball.

“Marvellous party isn’t it?”

“Yes, it certainly is delightful.”

“Mr Beckham sure is quite handsome.”

“Yes, but he’s fortune isn’t very promising.”

I heard to the women’s conversation and thought they were being very superficial. I looked around in the ballroom and observed everyone’s movements and I saw that strange man again, standing in the crowd and watching me closely. I realised how tall he was, and then he came over to me and bowed in a very gentleman way.

“Would you care to join me for the next dance, miss?”

That was the first words I heard coming out of his mouth and it sounded vastly rich and elegant in a way. People starred when I took the stranger’s cold hand and followed him onto the dance floor. They knew I was engaged to be married and still I accepted to dance with a strange gentleman. The man had only black on, to go with his black mask, which made him even more mysterious to look at. We didn’t say a word to each other, while we danced. But kept gazing at each other and even though I didn’t know him, I just knew there was something about him, the way he looked into my eyes. We moved so fast during the English country dance that it made my head spin around. Everyone kept looking at us, as if I was cheating on my fiancée with another man, but I think it was more like a harmless little playful moment and you can hardly call it a flirtation. The other couples stopped dancing and everyone in the room formed a crowd around the stranger and me and that’s when my mother and my cousin Mr Bingley appeared from the crowd and they didn’t look especially pleased to see me dancing with an unknown gentleman. Mother was ashamed of me and my cousin looked mortified.

“Rosaleen.” Called mother with a penitent face and the music stopped instantly.

Everyone was looking right at me, looking vastly shocked and appalled, which made me feel awkward and I just wanted to get out as fast as possible. Mother grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the ballroom, leaving my cousin, whom was looking really humbled and broken and the strange man, who was nowhere to be seen anymore. Mother dragged me out on the balcony and closed the doors.

“You’ve behaved very improper, miss!”

“We only danced.”

“You were gazing at another man, Rosaleen.” “Have you forgotten, you’re engaged!”

“I don’t want to marry my cousin.”

“He’s a fine gentleman.”

“Mother… I don’t even love him.”

“In time you will.” “Now, I’ll go back in and talk to your fiancée.”

Mother was very upset that her head was raging inside, as she walked back into the party full of anger. I walked back in with my head held high and trying not to cause a scene. Everyone at the ball was staring at me and looking at their faces, it made me feel kind of ashamed by the whole thing. My cousin came up to me and bowed in front of me, like that respectful and noble gentleman he was.

“May I have this dance, Miss Kinsey?”

I looked at him and was feeling really uncomfortable. I watched the crowd whispering and judging me, when mother came over.

“Dance with your fiancée.” Said mother and sounded all eager and agitated.

“You may.” I said and tried to seem pleased and delighted.

My cousin and I moved elegant through the ballroom, as we danced to a beautiful waltz and moving to the music, other couples joined us too. Later on I went out on the balcony to get some fresh air, when I heard a sound coming from the bushes they kept on the balcony, so I walked closer to see what it was and saw the mysterious man I danced with, standing behind it.

“You…” I said, as I was shocked to see, who it was.”

 “Hello again my lady.” “Did I get you into any trouble?”

“It’s possible.” “May I ask you, what you’re doing behind the bushes, sir?”

“I wouldn’t get you into more trouble on my behalf. Miss....”

“Miss Kinsey.”

“Cedric Harding.” Said the man and gave me the hand, as he grabbed my hand and shoved me behind the bushes with him. “Does the beautiful lady have a name as well?”


“Delighted to make you acquainted, ma’am.”

Although I couldn’t see the whole face of Mr Harding, I blushed just by the look of his dashing smile. He took off his mask and although he was really pale, he had the most beautiful ocean blue eyes and was quite handsome with his dark brown hair as well that I nearly fainted by his charming look. Mr Harding slowly removed my loose strands of golden hair away from my light skinned face and took his right hand up to my mask, slowly took it off and leaned over to kiss me. His lips were cold, but the kiss was so full of passion that I felt myself becoming all breathless. I lost it and couldn’t hold it back any longer, so I kissed him right back. A feeling of fondness surrounded us and turned it into a burning affection that we forgot everything and made us the lovers of the night. We kissed for a while and I nearly forgot about the ball, when I saw my cousin came out on the balcony. I gasped and pushed Cedric into the bushes and hold my hand over his mouth. My cousin looked around, presuming he was looking for me and I feared that he might find me with Mr Harding. Cedric moved away my hand from his mouth and looked at me watching my cousin Mr Bingley.

“Who might that be?” Whispered Cedric and was sending me a curious look.

“Mr Bingley, my cousin.” I said while I watched my cousin looking around and calling out my name. “We are engaged.”

“I’m guessing you don’t want him to find us here together.”

“Well, it’s better to stay out of trouble, right?”

We smiled to each other in a flirty way and then we saw my mother coming out on the balcony too.

“Did you find her?”

“She’s nowhere to be found.” Said Mr Bingley and looked really concerned.”

“She’s got to be somewhere.” Said my mother and looked around making an apprehensive face. “Where is that girl?”

 I saw my mother go back in to re-join the ball. My cousin just stood there for a few minutes with a sad look on his face and then he walked back in too. Suddenly I felt Cedric smelling to my hand and grabbing it and started to inhale the aroma of my arm, like it was a perfume to him. He kept on smelling to me and moved his nose up against my arm and then he smelled to my thin neck. I thought he started acting strange that I moved myself away from him.

“Sir, may I ask what you are doing?”

“I’m just taking a good look at you, ma’am.” Said Mr Harding and smelled again to my neck.

For a moment he stopped and put his arms around me. But then I felt a dreadful pain bored down in my neck. I felt myself becoming weaker and I saw dark fresh blood dripping down on my dress, which possibly came from the pain in my neck. Suddenly the pain stopped and I saw Cedric standing next to me with his mouth dripping with blood. I was shocked and frightened. I never thought the things in the books could actually be true. That Cedric Harding was a real life vampire. He took me down to the garden and explained everything to me, but I was still terrified to even look at him. Cedric saw I had tears in my eyes for being so frightened, so he kissed me to help me stay calm. But as we kissed, I could taste the taste of my blood hanging in his mouth still, which was a lot bitter. Then he held his arm up to his mouth and bites himself. It was really frightening to see his sharp fangs in his arm, sucking out his own blood and for some reason he kept it in his mouth. He held my head up with his cold hand and leaned in to kiss me again. But this time he let his blood he had in his mouth out and forced me to swallow it. The taste of his blood was different from mine. It tasted sweet, but cold. I started to feel cold and like my heart was being strangled. Cedric wiped off the blood around his mouth with a handkerchief he had in one of his pockets. I felt I couldn’t breathe and as I was walking into the dark, dying in my sleep. I almost collapsed, but Cedric caught me and put me on the frozen ground. I felt an endless pain running through me and coming out as death and coldness. My heart slowly stopped beating, but spite the pain, I was happy to fall by his side. Cause there I was lying on the ground dead. I gently opened up my eyes, but didn’t feel anything different. Cedric sat over on the bench and still looked the same to me. I walked over there and sat down next to him.

“Welcome back, Miss Kinsey.”

“Back to what, sir?” I Asked feeling lost and confused at the same time. “I don’t feel any different.”

“That’s the way it works, when you come back as a vampire.”

I tried to put the words together, when he said vampire. I was in shock that it kind of startled me and I couldn't get my head straight. I looked down and tried to handle somehow, but saw my skin had become really pale and Cedric could probably see I was confused by all of this. He gave me one of his charming smiles and then kissed me. His kiss wasn’t cold anymore, but has turned into a loving warm tenderness of burning temptation. The moment he kissed me a kind of shock wave came into my body and I felt different and strange. I could feel everything that Cedric felt and carried affection for him, like I’ve known the man forever and always have belonged with him in the dark. We both kissed passionately and sank down to the dirty ground, where we expressed ourselves with our dead bodies. Suddenly I got startled by footsteps approaching closer to our nakedness, when my cousin stood right there in front of us and starred with appalled eyes. I hurried myself to get my dress back on and with my cousin looking at me really alarmed and aghast.

“How could you Rosaleen.” Said Mr Bingley and was looking at me, looking really humbled. “We’re supposed to get married.”

“I can’t marry you.”

My cousin looked confused and shocked to even look at me now and as I got the dress back on, he saw the blood on my dress and I opened my mouth to show him the new fangs I got. He stepped back and slowly moved away from me.

“What are you?” Said my cousin as he moved further away and began to run out of the garden.

Cedric saw my cousin running and attacked him from behind. Then he bit my cousin in the neck with such a great tremendous bite, presumably I needed to feed. I took my mouth up to my cousin’s neck and started to suck out his fresh blood. The blood was sweet and warm that it made me even hungrier. I saw some couple on the balcony looking at us from a distance and they came back with a vastly large crowd, which probably was the entire party, whom was carrying flaming torches and greatly sharp pitchforks. We left my dead cousin on the dark ground and Cedric took my hand.

“Come with me.” Said Cedric running and held my hand, as he took me into a large maze.

“We will just get lost.”

“No need to be concerned, my lady.” Said Cedric all calmly and confident. “As vampires we got a tracking sense.”

The maze was dark and filled with long bleak paths. I heard the crowd was getting closer to us. Cedric was right. I could sense them getting nearer, like I could see them coming, so we knew which way to avoid from catching us. Cedric held my hand, as we were running around and hiding in the maze. We reached the exit of the maze and headed down to the lake, all the way down in the garden. The garden was really large. But we still aren't out of reach, so we had to stay by the lake and keep out of sight for a while. The lake was really beautiful and had the perfect angle of light from the reflection of the moon. It was the beginning of winter, so the trees and bushes were covered in a lay of snow and looked like fluffy pillows. Cedric and I walked by the lake, holding hands and I was really happy, because I knew he loved me and I loved him. But I wondered if the world was ready for that, and to accept our kind. Could we ever be free to express our love and to show the world for what we truly are?

We kissed and it was filled with a burning heat of passion that we let the time go by. Nothing mattered when he was with me. We played, running around and trying to catch each other. We laughed and sweet talked to each other, like we’ve always known each other. We really understood each other and thought it would last forever, but we were wrong. We saw lights moving closer to the lake and released it was the crowd coming here with their lighted torches and sharp pitchforks. But it was too late to run. They were too close. I saw one of the men had brought a shotgun with him and even though I was a vampire now, I was still afraid. They looked at both Cedric and me with the gun pointed directly at us, when mother came through the crowd. She looked at my ball gown and saw the dried blood and assumed that Cedric was the one hurting me along with my cousin Mr Bingley.

“Shoot him.” Yelled mother in agony and waited for the man with the shotgun to fire.

But then I saw the same couple from the balcony coming over to my mother and they didn’t look satisfied at all. The woman whispered into my mother’s ear and my mother wasn’t happy to hear it. So I assumed they probably told mother that I was feeding on my cousin with Cedric. She run off, crying her eyes out and the woman told the rest of the crowd to kill us, but the man in charge told them to stop and demanded a fair trial, even for us vampires. They grabbed Cedric and me and dragged us to the town’s courtroom, where we were put to justice.

In the courtroom they put Cedric and me in filthy chains and placed us on opposite sides of the room, making sure we couldn’t communicate with each other. They had men standing in each corner with riffles and guns, watching us the whole time, in case we were trying something. My mother hired me a lawyer, because she chose not to believe or even accept that I was gone and certainly not a murderer. People were staring at us like we were some dirty criminals, but I tried to ignore it and focused on all my love to Cedric. The trial lasted for days. People were fighting and arguing through the whole thing and I felt myself dying, if I wasn’t going see Cedric Harding again. After a couple of weeks the court came to an ending. I trembled by the whole situation and the courtroom was all silent, when they read up our sentences.

“Rosaleen Kinsey. I hereby banish you from the land and to never show your face or set foot in this town again.” Said the judge in a loud harsh tone and stared me down in pity and disgrace.

But when he was about to say Cedric's sentence, he made a more serious look and I figured something bad was coming.

“Cedric Harding. I hereby convict you to prison. Where you will be beaten up in your cell, till you lose consciousness and there you will stay, until you are sentenced to be beheaded and your head is displayed to the public.”

When I head Cedric's sentence, mine wasn’t so bad anymore. I started crying my eyes out and everyone in the courtroom was looking directly at me and didn’t understand my sympathy for Cedric. They didn’t show any humanity or mercy, because all I saw was the justice in their eyes. Even mother looked at me, like I was just a stranger to her now. The people released me from my chains and I was showed to the town gates, where I was banished from the land and out into the horizons.

The death sentence of Cedric Harding was upon us and I arrived in a coach to the courtrooms courtyard, where the sentence took place. I wore a black dress and over the dress I wore a dark cloak, all special made for the occasion to keep the honour and pride of Cedric Harding. I walked into the courtyard wearing my hood up, so no one would recognize me, especially my mother. It began to rain and when everyone from town was there to watch the execution, they brought out poor Cedric. His clothes were all dirty from the beating and he was so weak, because of the hunger that he could barely walk. So they dragged him across the wet ground, making his bare feet all muddy and dirty. The executioner just finished sharpens the axe, as they brought Cedric over to the high wooden block to hear his sentence. Then Cedric knelt behind it and he saw me standing in the crowd with my face all wet from all the tears coming from our endless love. He gave me one of his lovely smiles and lent forward to put his neck on the top of the block. They blindfolded Cedric, so he couldn't see the axe coming and let a man hold his hair to prevent Cedric from moving at the crucial moment. A man banged on a drum and all was quiet. The executioner raised his axe in the air and people waited in excitement. The axe was swung and Cedric lost his consciousness within a couple of seconds, but the town people wanted to be sure he was dead. So the axe was swung over and over again, in the cause he lost a lot of blood, as blood spurted from the severed veins of his neck. Tears ran down my face, when the executioner picked up Cedric's severed head and showed to the crowd, as he proclaimed “"Behold the head of the demon!"

When it was all over, people started walking out and I chose to stay alone grieving over my loss. As I saw Cedric's severed head lying next to his severed body, was there a missing piece of my heart, an endless pain, killing me slowly from the inside. But somehow I knew that even when he was gone, I knew I would love him for all eternity. 

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