Excerpt from He Mechanical Love

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excerpt from a short story im working on

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




“What’s  it like?” She turned her head to see his face. “To not feel broken?”

“I do feel broken.” He replied, still looking at the sky.

“We are all broken. In some way, at least. It’s true that some people have it harder, much harder. Some people shouldn’t have hope. I think it’s the person, though. Something snaps inside, a flame sparks. The person with the most idealistic life falls, or the person with no source of joy decides to break it, and do everything they can.”

“Me, I never had that snap. I never needed it. I don’t think I really have emotions. I’ve never really felt anything, or I can’t remember. I’ve never broken down crying, or felt on top of the world. I’ve never felt “right” or even out of place.”

The side of her cheek was getting wet from the dew on the grass. She turned back and looked up at the sky and conformed to the cold wetness seeping through her sweatshirt.

“Must be nice.” She gently mumbled. She closed her eyes and felt her eyelashes touch, and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I wish I were numb.” She said.

They sat in silence, although her thoughts were loud.

“I-I feel right, right now. You know, with you.” He uttered.

A small jolt in her chest made her eyes fly open. A warmth tingled around her arms and legs, suddenly forgetting the cold ground.

“You feel something with me?” She smiled, but then quickly straightened her features, feeling silly.

“Yeah, I feel comfortable. Here. I like talking to you, which is strange. It doesn’t feel like… I don’t know. Like I have to be here, like routine. I feel, excitement. At the thought of you."

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