Going to the Con

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I wrote this poem for the program of NORWESCON, a major SF/F convention held in Seattle every spring. It was very well received, and lead to the first time anyone has asked me to autograph something.

If you are interested in SF/F and have never attended a con, I highly, highly encourage you to do so. I even more highly encourage it if you write. Contact me, and I will tell you more and help you find a con in your area.

Submitted: September 28, 2006

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Submitted: September 28, 2006



I'm giving reality the weekend off

‘Cause I'm going to a con

I may be an elf

And lose track of myself

So I'll keep my convention badge on


I'll vacation away from my everyday life

And be who I am in my heart

I'll ride dragons in song

And right cosmic size wrong

And watch as a multi-verse starts


I've checked into my room, unloaded my stuff

Now fantasy's stalking the hall

There are Klingons and Knights

Cute Fairies in tights

And that's before the Masquerade Ball


There's a panel for start

About Science in Art

And another the other way round


And there's talk of a race

Elevators to space

With the only limit being the ground


There is singing and dancing

And Elven maids prancing

And Goths trying hard to look bad


The fine people there

With the odd colored hair

Wore it that way before it was fad


Sunday's checkout's at noon and I've loaded the car

One more time through the con I will roam

See if merchants will deal

On things that they feel

Are harder than cash to take home


Reality sulks at a Starbucks near home

So I'll swing by and give it a ride

It seems rather mundane

After dragons I've slain

But I'd best keep my smugness inside


Monday is rainy, as I drive into work

And that's not the worst, I fear

But I'll take it and smile

For I know all the while

That I'm pre-registered for next year

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