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A man takes a horrific journey through his television, discovering the message of a child's ghost.

Submitted: July 30, 2009

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Submitted: July 30, 2009



Benny York stared at the static of his broken television, with his drunken eyes and drooling mouth. He didn’t hear the violence and the abuse in the apartments below. He didn’t notice the rest of his own apartment, which was a jungle of dusty and muddy clothing. His window was smeared with decay, and it only exposed a dark and gothic city that Benny didn’t belong to. The undead-looking people that slithered among the streets didn’t appear to have a motive or objective. The towering buildings looked like tall mansions of crack houses, tattered and shabby. The white, tank top-shirted, twenty-four-year-old man knew that this world wasn’t the bright human one that had eroded into this urban cemetery.
Benny kept staring at the television static, and knew that it was connected to whatever supernatural force twisted reality. Benny released himself from his greasy couch and went over to the television. He placed his fingers against the static and felt its crackles of snippets that sharply hit his fingers. Then his fingers went deeper into the static, and realized that there wasn’t a solid surface to the television. Suddenly, he threw his entire arm into the television, feeling the splashes of electric rain against his arm.
As Benny pulled his arm out of the static, he now knew why the television static mesmerized him. It must be the solution to the shadowy world outside his apartment. Benny didn’t want to waste his time by fearing what this static gateway would lead to, for he only wished to escape this tragic Earth. He went back near his couch and got into a running position. He took one last sigh before he journeyed into the unknown, and lunged into the static.
* * * 
Benny fell onto and tasted the dust of a cold, hard, tiled floor. He looked up and saw a horrifying sight. He was in a small, gothic elementary school classroom, and the shadows and blackness stretched out to every inch of it. The students and teachers had decayed, undead skin, and their eyes looked exactly like television static. The deformed children laughed at Benny, while the elder teacher gave him an angry look. Benny slowly rose from his crypt on the floor, as his pupils pulsed at every static eye and running puss that he saw on one of these unholy faces. He turned and saw that there was a television on the teacher’s desk, and it also was showing static. Suddenly, the television was turned off, but Benny faced another terror as he looked into the blank screen. His face was that of a young white boy, with chestnut eyes, brown, curly hair, and a gaunt face. He was wearing a regular white, short-sleeved shirt and long kakis, but his eyes didn’t have static like the others.
“Sit down, Mr. Kensington!” the teacher commanded, in a strong British accent. The other children giggled at a confused Benny York/Mister Kensington. Benny didn’t know how to react, and realized that this had to be a dream. There were too many strange things jumbled up into nonsense. Suddenly, an adrenaline rush or an alien force possessed Benny, and he sat in the nearest empty seat. The teacher gave a long, menacing stare at him, as if she knew a secret evil that dwelled below his skin.
“A little confused after a tumble, Mr. Kensington?” the teacher asked sarcastically, while the other gremlins snickered.
“Now, everyone,” the ghostly woman said, making her voice more pleasant, “I want you to write about your life in the next five minutes. Just try to write as much as you can.”
Everyone took a blank sheet of paper out of their desk, while Benny just wanted to dash out of this hellish education. Suddenly, he felt that same force again, and he hastily pulled out a sheet of paper. He started writing thoughtlessly, even though the force was choosing the words for him. He felt that same adrenaline rush that shut down his mind and gave in to the puppeteer that was pulling his strings.
Benny returned to consciousness and took heavy breaths while trying to recover. He looked at the paper that he had unconsciously conceived and read the force’s creation. At the upper-right-hand corner, the name was written, “Trevor Kensington.” Benny was beginning to believe this force that controlled him was the spirit or essence of Trevor. He didn’t want to believe that, but he also didn’t want to believe that he was in a classroom full of ghouls. Anyway, the assignment that supposedly Trevor wrote, read:  
“Before I was born, my mommy and daddy met in an apartment. I think mommy was poor. Daddy must have felt sorry for her, so he gave her money. Daddy must have been a nice man. Mommy repaid him with lots and lots of kisses. Later, mommy said that the stork came because she and daddy were kissing a lot. The stork came and delivered me. But, daddy didn’t want the stork to bring me. He just wanted to kiss mommy a lot. Daddy never liked me. Mommy would always try to protect me from him. He was also a bully, because mommy looked like me after I was beaten up by bullies. There are many bullies at my school. Many people hate me. They say I’m a ‘bastard’. I think mommy was still poor, because other men came to our apartment, and gave mommy money, and she gave them lots of kisses. But, mommy didn’t like giving all these men kisses, because some of them were bullies like daddy. One day, mommy sent daddy away to a place for ‘time out.’”
Benny was petrified by the assignment. He wanted to rip it to shreds, but the exhausting force of Trevor made him pass it in.
Benny soon heard whispers behind him that spoke. He turned around to see a chunky, blonde boy that was telling nearby classmates of ill gossip. They saw Benny and returned to their assignments, while giving him cold smiles. The blonde zombie kept staring at Benny, clutching his chubby face.
“What are you looking at, you little bastard?” the obese bully snottily asked, “The whole class, even the teacher is sickened by your sinful family! I’m going to do God’s work by giving you another beating after class, you little blasphemer! If you don’t show up, I’ll finish God’s will by unleashing your demon father unto you and that whore you live with!”
Benny couldn’t believe the hatred that came from the blonde thug, but that strange force kept him from talking back. He also felt the force feeling weak and powerless when hearing the bully’s threats.
Soon, there was a bell that rang, and everyone moved out of the classroom. Benny stared at the clock and discovered that it was four ‘o clock…the end of school. He swallowed hard, and prepared for his confrontation with the gluttonous, orthodox Christian. As he entered the hallway, he discovered that it was just as dark and foreboding as the classroom. There was mold forming between the rusty lockers, and cobwebs sprawled among the floors and ceilings. This paranormal school looked like a twisted memory of someone’s suffering.
Suddenly, Benny felt someone punch the back of his head. He fell to the ground, but turned around to see that it was the blonde bully. The two were in the center of the hallway, so everyone around the corners was cheering for the bully. Benny stood up and put his fists up, preparing to fight. However, it was no good. The bully kicked him in the face, and he fell into the crowd. They beat his head against a locker, and then pushed him back into the imaginary ring.
Benny fell on the floor again, too sore to even get up. The teacher, as well as everyone else in the hallway, was telling the bully to finish him off. Benny could only whimper, for he had no energy to fight back, but only the craving of death. Suddenly, the spirit of Trevor returned, and Benny would have a monster inside of him unleashed. He pulled the bully to the ground, and started pounding his face. The anger and fury of Trevor was being poured upon the bully. The bully’s face started to bleed and even after he was knocked out, Trevor kept digging into the flesh and bone. It was an endless fire that wouldn’t go out until it had caused destruction.
Suddenly, Trevor was gone, and Benny returned to see the violence that he had committed. The bully lay on the ground, dead, as blood dripped down his crushed face. His static eyes went out, and all that was left was a black television screen. Benny was started to feel the adrenaline again, but it wasn’t Trevor. It was the fear of the angered audience against a weak little boy.
Soon, Benny saw the television in the classroom turn on to static. He realized that that could be the only way out of this nightmare, if it worked like the static in the apartment. He stormed through the audience as they clawed at Benny, calling him blasphemous names as they tried to rip blood and veins from his skin. He already died from exhaustion, but he was resurrected by the will to reach the television. At last he pushed through the final barricade of students in the classroom and jumped into the television.  
* **
Benny swam through the electric current, and landed flat on another cold and dusty ground. His sorrow for Trevor had now gone beyond the deepest levels of pity. How could a kid survive with a father that hated him, and students that were infuriated by the fact that he was a bastard child of a prostitute? Benny felt that something wanted him to discover an incident that Trevor was involved in. But why did it have to be found in this twisted nightmare? Benny didn’t have all of the answers, but he knew that he had to be moving on.  
He rose from a pointy “welcome” matt, with glass chips from beer bottles, and looked at his surroundings. Everything was still full of cobwebs and echoes of the dead that bathed in the shadows of the walls. But it wasn’t the school this time. There was a room to the left with #211 written on the door. There was also a set of shadowed stairs that led up to other rooms. This must have been an apartment building that seemed very similar to the one he lived in. There was smoke and moans coming from the upper levels, and Benny knew that this must be an apartment complex for crack houses and hookers. He steadily trotted up the stairs and saw a woman against the corner, drinking “Samuel Adams.” She had the same static eyes as the students in the school.
“Hey, Mia Kensington,” the woman said in a drunken voice, “Judging by your face, I see that your clients aren’t exactly satisfied by your ‘medication’.” Her eyes closed and opened again, and then she finally passed out.
Mia Kensington? That was Trevor’s last name…perhaps…perhaps Benny was now incarnated in the mother of Trevor. He looked at his chest and saw that he had bosoms, wider hips, and longer hair. Benny was also in a apartment complex full of whores and junkies, so this would fit Trevor’s mother’s description.
Benny suddenly felt that force overwhelming him again. He began to run up the next set of stairs and the set after that. As he kept ascending, the moans turned to high pitched screams and animalistic grunts, while the smoke came from the devastating sound of gunshots, instead of cigarettes. As he ran past some of the opened doors, he saw the same abuse done to women in this apartment building that was seen in his own. Their fear wasn’t shown through their lifeless, static eyes, but instead, their cries.
Finally, Benny reached the top apartment. He opened its door and entered. He couldn’t believe his senses…this was his apartment. However, the inside of this apartment smelled of more cigarettes, and garbage than his own. The fan was slowly revolving with a rope in the middle…that was used for hanging. He ran over to a desk next to an unwashed mattress, with a few coffee stains, and started took out of piece of scrap paper to write on. He felt his eyes go into the back of his head, and he vigorously wrote a note.
Benny woke up, now in control of his body. He looked at the note and it read:
“I’m sorry that you have seen me this way, Trevor. But, mommy can’t live her life by giving men lots of kisses. I know that you are confused about all of these men, but you will understand when you are older. These men don’t give me money because I’m poor, but instead, they want lots of kisses. However, these men feel guilty after I give them lots of kisses, because they have other women that love them. Daddy was different. He wasn’t loved by another woman, but he didn’t want the stork to deliver you. They all decide to blame me for giving them kisses and punish me by beating me up like the bullies you talk about. I’m not sure if I can deal with all of these punishments. You should call the police and tell them what’s happened. They will find another home for you. I love you, but I don’t think you’ll see me in Heaven. Be brave, baby.”
Benny could see that there were tears on the letter. This letter bothered him, because judging by the “good-bye” note and the rope, the mother was intending to commit suicide. The force sired him again, making him look at the rope. The rope emitted temptation and a doorway out of this nightmarish world, like Benny thought the television was.
He stepped onto the mattress, and tied the rope around his neck. There was a great amount in fear in him then. His blood pressure started erupting, and Mia’s entire life flashed before him. There was nothing in it but misery, just like Trevor’s life. There didn’t seem to be any hope or any light in the future…until Trevor was born. Trevor may have been the only thing in Mia’s life that was beautiful, and he wasn’t lost to her. Benny cried and heard his gentle tears hit the mattress. He slowly took the rope off his neck, and started taking a deep, yet stuttering breath, and then exhaled the pain.
Benny stepped off the mattress, wiped her tears away, and gave himself a peaceful smile.
Benny crashed into reality, and started to cry himself, feeling all of Mia’s pain. He suddenly grabbed the suicide note, and ripped it to shreds, letting the satanic letter fall like the damned, into the moldy carpet that was Hell. Benny was thankful that Mia wouldn’t become one of them.
All of a sudden, Benny heard static. He turned around, and just noticed that there was a television in the room. He leaped through the buzzing static, wondering whose body he would incarnate next.
* **
Benny flew out of the mesmerizing static, and fell onto the concrete floor, with long cracks that were openings where ants could escape from the ground. That was exactly what Benny wanted to do. He wanted to crawl through a crack, and reach the bright surface. Except, this surface wasn’t bright, but dark like the rest of the realms he had been in.
As he slowly lifted himself up, he noticed that he was behind metal bars…he was in a prison! His breathing started to increase, as he bent over, seeing his orange jumpsuit. His heart pounded from the seemingly eternal concealment, and, for once, he truly believed that he wouldn’t escape these realms.
He tried to calm himself, but the same blackish, foreboding setting made it harder. Benny noticed angels mocking him with a dim light that shone on a Caucasian man in the cell across from him. He was like the other people with static eyes, however he was bald-headed, and everything about his face was so sharp and symmetrical, it made it look threatening. He was slouching on his bench with his legs crossed, giving a cold smile to Benny.
“Marcus and his gang should be here soon, Robert,” the man said, in his congested, British accent, “You can get your revenge on that hooker and her kid, eh.”
Benny started to whimper, now knowing who Robert was. The force was beginning to take over him, and he knew that Trevor’s abusive father was about to be in control. Benny’s eyes went into the back of his head, and his migraine started to beat louder and louder. Suddenly, Benny was lost, and he could only witness what would occur next.
“We’re getting out as soon as the guards come, Marley,” Benny said in Robert’s devilish tone, “When we bust out of here, I’m going to wring that bitch’s neck and slit that bastard’s throat.”
Marley chuckled at the psychotic daemon, “I know what you mean. Plus, we won’t have to face that much security, since we don’t have any murder charges.”
The two goblins laughed manically through the cells of biohazard men.
Suddenly, they heard the opening of the metallic entrance door at the end of the cell block, and saw a few guards come to unlock their cells, ignorant of their deceased fate. Two guards inserted rusty keys into Marley’s and Robert’s cell, which is where the officers made their fatal mistake.
Benny and Marley ambushed the guards, grabbing their guns and unleashing fire upon them. Smoke and dust came from the bullet wounds, as they pounded fear and shock in to the guards.
After the guards fell dead on the blood-stained floor, the two murderers reloaded their guns, for they heard an alarm being sounded, and the shoes of guards rapidly tapping the iron floor. They fled from the prison block through the entrance door, and raced down a set of stairs, only causing more sound by the clanging of the fragile metal.
Soon, there was the teeth-chattering repetition of machinegun fire, echoing through the stairs. It seemed to rattle the rusty railings, making them clatter the hands of the escapees. Finally, the two reached the bottom and kicked open the nearest exit door.
Their eyes were set on a large, ebony dome with men, clothed in black suits, massacring the guards. God had forsaken the officers, for the light that was supposed to come from the glass ceiling was only night-time clouds. The two prisoners saw them, and they decided to join the fight. They unconscientiously unleashed their devastating shells among the blue, undead enforcers of justice, destroying the men of just to make way for the men of sin. The bullets flew like a symphony or extravaganza of lethal fireworks, dancing with the Grim Reaper and the sharpness of his scythe. Soon, only the ruthless evil of men’s hearts remained.
“Thanks for getting down here, Marcus,” said Marley in a relieved voice, “These coppers would have liquidated us if you guys didn’t come.”
“No problem,” Marcus said deviously, “I think that this ‘Kensington’ guy you’ve been telling me about has got a hoe and her boy to waste, don’t you?”
“Oh yeah,” Robert said excited with hatred, “She’s going to pay for shiting out that bane of my existence.”
The entire gang laughed, and they slowly headed for the revolving doors that were the gates to the world of vengeance.
Suddenly, Benny awakened, bawling because of all the death he saw. He knew what he was going to do to Mia and Trevor. He had to stop it! He didn’t know how he would confront such an angered man, but something needed to be done. As the mobsters escaped through the revolving doors, Benny thought of the cracks in his cell and the television at the beginning of his adventure. He always wanted to find a way out of this hellhole, but now he realized that people’s lives were at stake in this twisted Earth.
Benny heard the electric gurgling of static from a nearby television. He made a final dive into it, knowing that it would take him to a place where he had a chance against the villainous father, and put an end to his poison that infected Mia and Trevor.
* **
Benny crashed onto a wet, carpeted floor. He looked to see the next body that he had incarnated and was amazed by the sight…he was in his own body. There was also another surprise…he was back in his own apartment! However, it still seemed darker and dirtier than usual. He was still in this television realm. He had to help Mia and Trevor!
Suddenly, the front door to the apartment opened and Mia walked in. Benny was about to say something to her, but that familiar force kept him back. He watched as she tried to adjust her television, because it only showed static. Trevor walked in from another room, looking very solemn. He probably reeked in too much guilt to tell Mia about the incident at school.
Then, an unspeakable horror walked in through the front door…the father. Mia and Trevor turned in his direction and gasped.
“How did you…?” Mia trailed off.
“Why didn’t you just get an abortion, Mia?” Robert started angrily, “Why did you have to give birth to this punishment, you slut?”
Robert went up to her and began to hit her, as tears dampened the mascara under her eyes, and smeared all over her face.
“It’s not only my fault!” Mia yelled, “It was also your mistake to have Trevor. I didn’t want him either, but it didn’t seem right to have an abortion!”
Benny could only witness the tension between Mia and Robert, and the fear in Trevor’s eyes.
“Well, that worked out just fine!” Robert screamed sarcastically, “You just love blaming things that are all your own fault on other people, don’t you Mia?
Mia collapsed on the bed in tears, while Trevor stood as still as a statue.
“I’m going to waste you two for the living hell that you made my life become!”
Robert unsheathed a pistol and aimed it at Mia, then fired it. Trevor, infuriated with rage, pounced on Robert and grabbed the gun. Then he threw it aside, and ran to his mother.
“You’re such a brat!” Robert shouted, “You’ve always been a brat. You’re a no-good, worthless brat!”
Then, Robert grabbed Trevor by the head, and rammed in into the television set, breaking the television and electrocuting Trevor.
Robert had a satisfied look on his face, and began to move the mother under the bed, removing the evidence. Suddenly, he heard sirens coming from the windows and dashed out of the apartment.
Benny stood in horror at the grittiest murder that could possibly be imagined. He didn’t feel anger, but disbelief that a father would have unstable hate for his only child, and then brutally murder him. Benny had become too exhausted for crying, after seeing all of this murder. He didn’t make a difference. He didn’t save any lives. He didn’t even stop the most evil human being that could ever be concocted by Satan.
Suddenly, Benny saw Trevor lifting his head out of the television shards. There were wires and pieces of glass stuck in his skin that revealed blood that slowly slithered down his face. He had a slow, zombie-like walk as he moved towards a shocked Benny York.
“He did it again,” Trevor said sadly, “It never stops. He always shoots my mother, and then rams me into the television. The last thing I always see is static.”
Benny gave Trevor a pitiful look, “I want to help you,” tears began to roll down his cheeks.
Trevor only returned the same look, “There is one way…but you will have to take my place in this event. You will have to correct the situation.”
Trevor grabbed a VCR remote and put his thumb over the “rewind” button.
“Good luck,” he said.
All of a sudden, there was a wind that reversed Benny’s thoughts and moved him through the static of time.
He came back into consciousness and saw Mia try to adjust the television. He had taken Trevor’s place, and he had a chance to unleash justice. The doorknob of the apartment’s front door steadily turned, and Robert stampeded inside. Mia and he began to fight, but Benny stood still, waiting for the right time to strike. There was rage boiling in Benny’s blood, so it was difficult to not take action. Mia fell on the bed and Robert unsheathed his gun. Benny charged at Robert, after a fatal shot from his gun took Mia’s life. Benny punched Robert in the face, grabbed him gun, and threw it away. Robert grabbed Benny’s head, and thrust him towards the television. Benny now saw static for the first time. He saw a calmness that came from it as it muffled his fear and blinded him from the life that flashed before his eyes. Benny flipped around, landing flat on the ground with Robert beneath him. He got up and lifted Robert’s collar up. He began to bludgeon the father.
“All you have ever been is a boogeyman,” Benny said as he punched Robert, “All you have ever done is make Mia and Trevor’s lives miserable,” he delivered a second punch, “Well now, you get to feel their pain, you sick bastard!”
Benny picked Robert up, grabbed his hair, and rammed him into the television. There was a blast of bright blue electricity that ruptured through Benny’s brain, showing him his journey through the school, the apartment, the jail, and the emotion-distorting energy of static. 
* **
Benny awoke in his apartment. Everything seemed brighter and more organized. His bed was made, his clothing was put away, and the television showed channels! He looked out a clean, bleached window to see the bright sun that he had missed so much, and the chatter of thousands of people as they crossed between each other’s lives.
However, Benny wasn’t as happy as he thought he would be. What happened to Trevor and Mia? Their fate seemed to be more important than his after all the misery that they were burdened with.
He realized that he may never find out what became of them, and decided to get on with his life. He started watching cartoons, which he was too old for, but their happiness and corniness cheered him up.
Suddenly, the cartoons turned to static, and Benny’s heart stopped, afraid that his journey hadn’t ended yet. As he kept on staring at the static, he began to see two black objects form in the middle of the screen. They both looked like people. One was tall, with a shadowy skirt and a bow in the hair, while the other was small and wore a dark cap. They waved to him and then disappeared in the static for eternity. The cartoons came back on, returning the colorful joy to Benny’s world. Even though he was thankful for the brightness in his world, he was even more thankful for the brightness in Mia and Trevor’s one.

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