Platonic Love

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The story of a sister searching for her brother and his past after he ran away from home in a dystopian future setting.

Submitted: April 09, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



Ch1 - A Hard Place


The combined smell of piss and cheap alcohol almost made me gag. It managed to penetrate through my mask and linger as I made my way towards the counter. Unlike the bar’s patrons which seemed to thrive on it, I couldn’t get used to the smell, despite my work always leading me to places like this.

Funny how I always got the drunks. It was some kind of joke that I never got in on. But this time I couldn’t have asked for any other contract. Though I’m still not sure what I’ll do when-


“Hey are you gonna order anything or just sit there and stare?!” A gruff voice interrupted my thoughts. It belonged to the bartender that now held a scowled look, as if I have offended him.


“Blue Solaris, please”. Only thing that didn’t make my throat burn like hell.


As I looked at him again, he diverted his gaze to me but quickly returned it as another drunk sat at the chair beside me, reeking strongly of that same smell. I kept my focus on the bartender as I examined him.

He sported a dark blue cardigan, unusual for the place and crowd. It had a faint imprint of two F’s back to back on its right upper part, the Frankfurt Industries logo.




So there he was. sitting at a side table to the right from the bar. He was so close, yet I couldn’t muster the will to get up and walk over to him. I wanted to keep thinking to myself, and at least get one sip from my drink.

He noticed me. He definitely noticed me. I wasn’t aware that I kept staring at him, and when he lifted his head and looked at me I kept at it for a few good seconds. But I don’t think he cared, was probably too drunk to care about me.

That’s when I took a sip and decided to get up.


When I got up and started making my way towards him a feeling of tiredness washed over me, and with each step that I took I started to feel more and more nervous as if the entire bar was monitoring me. Confusion and disorientation creeped into my mind as I got closer and I found myself fighting with my body as it refused to keep moving. And when I finally managed to reach the table in which he sat and look directly at him, I was frozen.

I haven’t felt like this since my first contract. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t even think properly as I stared shockingly at him.

Then he said; “What do you want?” And all those feelings vanished as I punched his face.



It was easier than I thought.

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